Matthew "mjw006" Wakeman Wins PokerStars Super Tuesday

Posted 4 days 9 hours ago by Tim Duckworth

The 2013 PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) has concluded, and with it ends the hiatus of the weekly $1,050 Super Tuesday ($300k GTD).

514 players would take to the felt to see a prizepool of $514,000 created with 63 players reaching the money and over $97,000 set aside for the victor. That victor would be none other than Australian Matthew “mjw006” Wakeman who captured the title and a first prize of $83,649.99 following a three-handed final table deal.

It would take nearly six hours until the bubble was burst when Peter “Se7enTr3y” Akery’s {A-Spades}{A-Hearts} were run down by Joao “joao bauer” Bauer’s {10-Hearts}{10-Diamonds} when a ten flopped. A further hour later saw just two tables remaining, and another 60 minutes later the final table was set with sonmonedas leading while Wakeman sat fourth in chips with roughly 54 big blinds.

After losing jpro89 in 9th, Wakeman would eliminate Griffin “Flush_Entity” Benger in 8th after the Australian opened to 12,897 at 3,200/6,400 blinds. Benger three-bet to 32,400 from the small blind and Wakeman responded with a four-bet to 59,987. Benger moved all in for 208,060 and Wakeman called holding {A-Clubs}{A-Spades} to be in great shape against Benger’s {J-Hearts}{J-Diamonds}. The board ran out a series of bricks, and like that Wakeman led the remaining seven players.

Following the eliminations of Balog23 and Corey “rat sauce 89” Thompson in 6th and 7th, the tournament was paused as the final five considered a deal. Wakeman had relinquished the lead – albeit by only several big blinds – and after nearly 20 minutes of discussion, it all feel through after Pandochka515 requested more money. Once play resumed sonmonedas opened with an under the gun raise only to have Wakeman three-bet enough from the big blind to put sonmonedas all in. The one-time chip leader called all in holding {10-Clubs}{10-Diamonds}, but wouldn’t be able to outdraw Wakeman’s {A-Diamonds}{A-Hearts} before RED18_ATNEK fell in 4th and the deal talk began once again with Wakeman leading with 1,215,983 to Pandochka515’s 688,448 and zugzwang16’s 665,569.

Matthew "mjw006" Wakeman
Matthew "mjw006" Wakeman

This time however a deal would be made with $6,000 set aside for first before zugzwang16 fell in 3rd after defending the big blind against Wakeman and then leading on a {2-Hearts}{5-Hearts}{4-Hearts} flop. Wakeman called, and then called a bet on the turn of the {Q-Spades} before the {5-Spades} landed on the river with Wakeman betting out enough to put zugzwang16 all in after he checked. Zugzwang16 made the call holding {A-Clubs}{4-Diamonds}, but it would be Wakeman’s {10-Clubs}{5-Clubs} for trip fives that would see him enter heads up play.

About 20 minutes into play Wakeman nearly had his hand on the tile when on a board of {Q-Clubs}{A-Clubs}{2-Spades}{3-Diamonds} Pandochka515 was all in holding {A-Diamonds}{10-Diamonds} against Wakeman’s {Q-Diamonds}{3-Hearts}. Unfortunately for the Australian, the {2-Hearts} landed on the river to counter-feit his two pair and leave him at an eleven-to-two disadvantage. Wakeman battled back with a double holding {J-Clubs}{J-Diamonds} against {A-Spades}{K-Hearts} before the final hand saw Wakeman min-raise the button to 60,000 with Pandochka515 calling and then check-raising a {10-Diamonds}{Q-Hearts}{J-Clubs} flop. Wakeman shoved and Pandochka515 called all in holding {K-Clubs}{8-Diamonds} to be drawing against Wakeman’s {J-Diamonds}{10-Hearts}. The {10-Spades} on the turn, followed by the meaningless {5-Diamonds} on the river saw Wakeman crowned champion and winner of US$83,649.99 in prizemoney!

$1,050 Super Tuesday ($300k GTD) Final Table Results

Place Player Prize (USD)
1st Matthew “mjw006” Wakeman $83,649.99*
2nd Pandochka515 $67,000.00*
3rd zugzwang16 $71,655.01*
4th RED18_ATNEK $40,092.00
5th sonmonedas $28,270.00
6th Balog23 $21,845.00
7th Corey “rat sauce 89” Thompson $16,705.00
8th Griffin “Flush_Entity” Benger $11,565.00
9th jpro89 $8,532.40

*denotes a deal

With over $2 million in tracked online lifetime winnings, Wakeman is truly one of Australia’s best online players and currently holds the second rank behind Michael “WaGe N WaRz” Fadersen – although after this result he may take the number one spot back in the near future.
Congratulations to Matthew “mjw006” Wakeman for another outstanding result by winning the PokerStars $1,050 Super Tuesday!

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