Melbourne Poker Championships Update: Tamara Volkoff Wins 100k Guaranteed Event!

Posted at 14:00 2010-05-24

The 2010 Melbourne Poker Championships are well underway at Crown Casino, with six of the 15 events on the schedule run and won, including Event 5 - $240 No Limit Hold’em $100,000 Guaranteed Event which saw Tamara Volkoff take it down over Andrew Rogers in the early hours of Monday morning.

666 players took their seats (some of them twice and even three times over) in this re-repechage event, generating a prize pool of $133,200. With only 139 players remaining at the start of Day 2, it didn’t take long to reach the top 63 players, with PokerNetwork regular Raemin “Jake The Moose” Alexander claiming the unfortunate title of “bubble boy”.

The rate of eliminations didn’t let up, which saw a long line forming at the cage as players busted out left, right and centre, including notables Jim Mastorakos (43rd place), Nick Georgoulas (35th place), Yann Pauchon (24th place), Sean Dunwoodie (22nd place), Rody Kaka (16th place), Marwan Nassif (14th place) and “Carwash” George Cotaidis, who fell agonisingly short of the final table in 11th place.

Event 5 $240 No Limit Hold’em $100,000 Guaranteed - Final Table Chip Counts (Approximate):

Seat 1: Tamara Volkoff - 550,000
Seat 2: Jackie Glazier - 600,000
Seat 3: Peter Aristidou - 745,000
Seat 4: Mark Evans - 630,000
Seat 5: Anthony Aiello - 300,000
Seat 6: Brett Donnelly - 615,000
Seat 7: Andrew Rogers - 545,000
Seat 8: Paul Bennett - 1,030,000
Seat 9: Ivan Sop - 365,000
Seat 10: Alfred Grech - 1,300,000

Anthony Aiello was the short stack heading into the final table and was also the first to go in 10th place ($1600), after open-shoved in late position with {6h}{6c}, only to find Ivan Sop wake up in the blinds with {Js}{Jd}, which improved to a set when the dealer spread the board of {ks}{jh}{5s}{9h}{4s}.

Paul Bennett followed shortly after in 9th place ($2100) when he re-raised Jackie Glazier all-in with {ad}{3c}. Glazier called with {ac}{jh}; both players hit two pair on the board of {ah}{7s}{6d}{9c}{9s} but Glazier’s jack kicker was best.

Andrew Rogers then claimed the double KO of Ivan Sop and popular Crown regular Peter Aristidou to move into the chip lead. With all the money in the middle on a flop of {9c}{7d}{2s}, Aristidou tabled {as}{5d}, but had been outdrawn by Sop’s {kd}{7c}. However, Rogers had them both beaten (and covered) when he revealed {kh}{9h} for top pair. With the turn and river improving neither hand, Aristidou was deemed the shorter of the two short stacks, taking home $3300 for his 8th place finish while Sop settled for 7th place, good for $4600.

Jackie Glazier was the next to go in 6th place after first being crippled by Mark Evans when she ran her pocket jacks into Evans’ pocket kings, then eventually felted by Andrew Rogers when his {as}{kc} outdrew Glazier’s {kh}{kd} on a board of {9c}{3d}{2c}{qd}{ac}. The wife of PokerNews Magazine Australasia columnist Jamie “The Coach” Glazier collected $6200 for her efforts.

Tamara Volkoff then disposed of Alfred Grech in 5th place ($8200) in the space of two hands. Having sat quietly on more than one million in chips, Grech was gutted of most of his stack when he got his money in behind with {js}{th} against Volkoff’s {ah}{jc}, then was sent packing when he moved the last of his money into the middle with {ac}{Qh} and lost the flip against Volkoff’s {td}{tc}.

Less than 10 minutes later, PokerNetwork regular Brett “gtrain24” Donnelly was eliminated in 4th place, moving the last of his short stack into the middle with {kx}{4x} but ran into the pocket kings of Andrew Rogers. Neither hand improved and Donnelly was done, collecting $11,500 from the cage.

Mark Evans then picked up $15,000 for his 3rd place finish, moving all-in with {4h}{4d} and was looking in great shape against Tamara Volkoff’s {Qs}{3d}, but the dealer spread the board of {jc}{6h}{qh}{5c}{5h}, eliminating Evans and bringing the chip counts to almost dead even going into heads-up play.

From there, Volkoff and Rogers engaged in a lengthy preflop-raise-fold-war, with rarely a flop seen. With the blinds now at 80,000/160,000, it was only a matter of time before either player came undone – and it was Rogers who succumbed to Volkoff when she made a clever play with {5d}{2h}, which as luck would have it, had made the nut straight on the turn with a board that read {9d}{3h}{4d}{as}{tc} against the {9c}{8s} of Rogers.

Rogers picked up a juicy $19,200 for his runner-up finish, but it was Volkoff who stood victorious, claiming the title and $25,700 in prize money. Congratulations Tamara!


A very healthy field of 354 players took their seats for Event 1 - $175 No Limit Hold’em last Sunday, which saw Brandon Do take home $12,000 in prize money, defeating David Loonstra heads-up for the title. Angie Italiano also made the final table, bowing out in 4th, with notables Karib Karib (11th place), Sean Dunwoodie (13th place), Jie Gao (24th place) and Paul “The Voice” Khoury (32nd place) all making the money.

Event 1 – $175 No Limit Hold’em (354 players, 36 players paid)

1st place: Brandon Do ($12,000)
2nd place: David Loonstra ($9150)
3rd place: Stuart Macleod Smith ($6500)
4th place: Angie Italiano ($4000)
5th place: Peter Vratsidis ($3000)
6th place: Tracy Rankins ($2400)
7th place: David Raynes ($1800)
8th place: Preston Brown ($1200)
9th place: John Baird ($900)
10th place: Mark McQuinn ($600)

Martin Kozlou claimed victory in Event 2 - $50/$25 No Limit Hold’em Event with Rebuys the next day, besting a field of 121 players and a stellar final table which included Andrew Demetriou (7th place), Danny Mountt (5th place), eventually defeating “Carwash” George Cotaidis heads-up to pocket $5250.

Event 2 - $50 No Limit Hold’em w/$25 Rebuys (121 players, 739 rebuys, 10 players paid)

1st place: Martin Kozlou ($5250)
2nd place: George Cotaidis ($3640)
3rd place: Chris Ozer ($2630)
4th place: Chris Kingsporn ($2025)
5th place: Danny Mountt ($1620)
6th place: Peter Vratsidis ($1415)
7th place: Andrew Demetriou ($1215)
8th place: Bong Vongskyeo ($1010)
9th place: Mark Bayerl ($810)
10th place: Mario Ljubicic ($610)

104 players then took their seats for Event 3 - $175 Pot Limit Omaha, which saw Alfred Grech defeat George Bates heads-up for a wallet-fattening $4056. Yann Pauchon continued his good form, making the final table and taking home $2184 for his 3rd place finish.

Event 3 - $175 Pot Limit Omaha (104 players, 10 players paid)

1st place: Alfred Grech ($4056)
2nd place: George Bates ($3120)
3rd place: Yann Pauchon ($2184)
4th place: Michael Eriksen ($1560)
5th place: Luke McLean ($1326)
6th place: Jarrod Wilson ($1092)
7th place: Sandra Propper ($858)
8th place: Sang Thanh Ta ($624)
9th place: David Morton ($468)
10th place: Robert Potter ($312)

Bobby Zhang then snared a $8100 win in Event 4 - $230 Bounty No Limit Hold’em Event, defeating Alfonso Arifin in his heads-up battle to end up $8100 in the black. Antonio Fazzolari (13th place), Andrew Demetriou (17th place) and Paul Khoury (20th place) were also amongst those who collected from the cage.

Event 4 - $230 Bounty No Limit Hold’em (20 players paid*)

1st place: Bobby Zhang ($8100)
2nd place: Alfonso Arifin ($5950)
3rd place: Danny Smith ($4800)
4th place: Justin Ghattas ($3700)
5th place: George Bates ($2950)
6th place: Shane Fletcher ($2250)
7th place: Say Qwah ($1850)
8th place: Simon Chanine ($1500)
9th place: Dean Blatt ($1100)
10th place: Thomas Blatt ($800)

The ever-popular Ladies Night No Limit Hold’em Event also played out last Friday night, with Mariela Stafforini defeating Sarah Shaw heads-up to claim the title and $2270 in prize money. PokerNetwork field reporter Nicole “Giggles” Dale also made the final table, collecting $727 for her 5th place finish.

Event 6 - $150 Ladies Night No Limit Hold’em (10 players paid)

1st place: Mariela Stafforini ($2270)
2nd place: Sarah Shaw ($1637)
3rd place: Karen Warner ($1269)
4th place: Maryanne King ($910)
5th place: Nicole Dale ($727)
6th place: Viki Rochford ($642)
7th place: Nicole Caldwell ($551)
8th place: Maria Hkouri ($460)
9th place: Rachael Shortis ($359)
10th place: Tracey Blackstock ($275)

PokerNetwork will continue with Live Reporting coverage this Thursday, when we bring you all the action of the $5200 High Stakes No Limit Hold’em Event, as well as $1100 Melbourne Poker Championship No Limit Hold’em Main Event. We’ll also bring you all the latest updates from the Crown Poker Room when Sean Callander and Brendan Duffy front up to the mikes later on this week for PokerNetwork Radio – so be sure to keep your eyes and ears open!

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Tamara Volkoff Wins 100k Guaranteed Event! Tamara Volkoff Wins 100k Guaranteed Event!

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