Michael Kanaan Wins ANZPT Sydney

Posted at 23:07 2011-04-17

27-year old Sydney local Michael Kanaan has emerged triumphant at the 2011 PokerStars.net ANZPT Sydney Main Event, defeating a field of 393 players to collect the trophy and $195,714 in prize money.

The final day of the 2011 PokerStars.net ANZPT Sydney Main Event saw the final nine players return to the custom-built final table set in the 36 Degree bar at the Star City Casino to play it out until a champion was crowned. There were expectations of a hard-fought final table, but it was a whirlwind affair highlighted by aggressive play that was wrapped up within a little over four hours of game time.

PokerNetwork support was behind previous Australian number one online player Jay “SEABEAST” Kinkade, who despite entering the final table as a short stack, was expected to be a huge threat. However in the opening minutes of the day, Kinkade shoved his pocket nines into the pocket kings of Andy Lee. Kinkade spiked a set on the flop but Lee rivered a gutshot straight to send Kinkade to the cashier as the first elimination of the day.

The rapid elimination set the tone for the day as Mike Stecker (8th) and AJ Bertenshaw (7th) were quick to follow before PokerNetworker Stevan Chew fell in 6th place when he squeezed with pocket fives but once again Andy Lee and his pocket kings were too strong.

Overnight chip leader Michael Kanaan kicked up the aggression with some big preflop plays, including moving all in with a six-bet shove that worked on two separate occasions.

Alex Lee was crippled by the set of Andy Lee and eliminated moments later before John Karroobee lost a race to be bundled out in 4th place.

Andy Lee held the chip lead but things got back to even when Luis Arrilucea won a huge race with pocket eights against ace-queen. It was crucial flip, and Lee and Arrilucea exchanged several other big pots, but Lee was ultimately unable to recover. He ran into the full house of Michael Kanaan in a battle of the blinds and suddenly we were heads up!

Kanaan held a two-to-one chip advantage but only required two hands to seal the deal.

After winning the first hand, the second was a cooler that saw all the chips in the middle preflop. Luis Arrilucea held a powerhouse {ah}{ks} but Kanaan woke up with {kc}{Kd}. The board was a brutal {3s}{ad}{kh}{8h}{6h} to see Arrilucea eliminated in 2nd place to crown Michael Kanaan as the ANZPT Sydney champion!

Final Table Results

1st Michael Kanaan (Australia) - $195,714
2nd Luis Arrilucea (Australia) - $124,581
3rd Andy Lee (Australia) - $69,168
4th John Karroobee (Australia) - $54,234
5th Alex Lee (Australia) - $43,230
6th Stevan Chew (Australia) (PokerStars Qualifier) - $35,370
7th AJ Bertenshaw (New Zealand) (PokerStars Qualifier) - $27,510
8th Mike Stecker (United States) (PokerStars Qualifier) - $21,615
9th Jay Kinkade (Australia) (PokerStars Qualifier) - $15,720

The next stop of the ANZPT will be at the Jupiters Casino for the $2,500 ANZPT Gold Coast Main Event which runs from May 17-22 2011. Download PokerStars and qualify today!

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Michael Kanaan wins ANZPT Sydney Michael Kanaan wins ANZPT Sydney

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