Michael "m_hawk_1" Hawkins Wins FTOPS Event #18

Posted at 22:23 2009-11-13
While it’s a busy time for live poker events throughout Australasia, the online poker world continues to kick along with Full Tilt Poker’s FTOPS in full swing, and we’re please to report that the Aussies are making a huge impression on the virtual felt as Australian Michael “m_hawk_1” Hawkins claimed a victory in FTOPS Event #18. The tournament was a $216 buy-in “Cashout” tournament, meaning that players could cash out a portion of their chips in for money during the tournament.
Hawkins won the title and the FTOPS Jersey, but had to settle for second place in the amount of money cashed, due to the third place finisher cashing out $44,000 before the beginning of the final table. Igor “MagicGog” Bakay had the chip lead coming at start of the final table, and in a interesting twist to the tournament, he “cashed out” for more than the first place finishing amount, and then worked his reduced stack through to a third place finish, that would see him earn US$62,000, while Hawkins would pocket around US$53,000 including the $20,000 he cashed out, after taking down the tournament.
Five of the final nine players cashed out more money than they won from the regular prize pool. However before the start of the final table only US$40,000 had been taken out from the available US$184,000 cashout pool, with many relaxing and taking a dip once they hit the final table.
Hawkins applied a sound strategy on the final table, that saw him stay out of the big action until he got into a key coinflip to knock out Joe “MarleyGroup” Urgo in fourth place. Hawkins took {Ax}{kx} to battle with Urgo’s {6x}{6x} and managed to get the win to take a massive chip leader into three-handed play.
He would need the chip lead though, because shortly into three-handed play MagicGog would suck out for 800,000 chips after he shoved {Ax}{5x} but ran into Hawkins’ {qx}{qx}. MagicGog spiked the ace on the flop.  MagicGog would be eliminated in third place by Hawkins’ heads-up opponent “bd3109”.
Hawkins entered heads-up play trailing, but quickly tied things up, before the players agreed a deal. Hawkins lost none of his momentum after the chop and continued to dominate the heads-up battle. On the final hand of the tournament bd3109 moved in with {jx}{jx} and Hawkins called with {Ax}{qx} and hit the {Ax} on the flop. Hawkins picked up the cash and also a commemorative Full Tilt Poker jersey for his efforts.
Final Table Results for Event 18: (amount cashed out included)
1st: Michael “m_hawk_1″ Hawkins ($32,793.63 + $20,753.02 cashout)
2nd: bd3109 ($30,271.17 + $31,981.10 cashout)
3rd: Igor “MagicGog” Bakay ($18,624.40 + $44,081.5 cashout)
4th: Joe “MarleyGroup” Urgo ($14,567.60 + $17,400.98 cashout)
5th: Zachary “HustlerGrune” Gruneberg ($10,879.60 + $11,915.08 cashout)
6th: Sean “Insky_Bros” Gibson ($7,560.40 + $4,074.26 cashout)
7th: Hyperbaric ($4,610.00 + $2,711.44 cashout)
8th: fnnwizard ($3,134.80 + $6,231.92 cashout)
9th: Nesby ($2,212.80 + $2,716.54 cashout)


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