Michael Mizrachi Wins $50k WSOP Poker Player's Championship

Posted at 08:05 2010-06-03

The $50,000 Poker Player’s Championship has crowned a champion with Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi lifting the coveted Chip Reese Memorial Trophy after an amazing victory overnight.  Mizrachi defeated a field of 116 of the world’s finest mixed game players to pocket a massive $1,559,046 in prize money.

It was an even dominated by the name Mizrachi, as Michael ended Day 3 with the chip lead before brother Robert rose to the top of the chip count leaderboard at the end of Day 4. A lot of the attention was focussed on how the two brothers would play against each other on the final table. For the most part, there were no incidents, other than an overly-excitable Mama Mizrachi yelling from the stands when the two played a pot with each other, much like a mother would have break up the fighting of her children.

To prove there was nothing suss going on, it was actually Michael who would end the tournament of his brother after calling the all-in push from Robert. Michael held {Qh}{Jc} for live cards against Robert’s {ac}{Th} and spiked a jack on the turn to eliminate Robert in 5th place.

John Juanda was one of the most feared final tablists but he couldn’t get much going before losing patience. He open-shoved {Kd}{9d} in a big overbet but Russian Vladimir Schmelev made the call with pocket tens. Juanda couldn’t find a king and departed in 4th place.

David Oppenheim entered the day as the short stack but picked up aces three times and landed a huge double up with a set of fours against the top pair, top kicker of Mizrachi to storm to a big chip lead. With four players left, Oppenheim held over 50% of the chips in play, but eventually the No Limit Hold’em skill of Mizrachi showed through as he slowly recovered and wore down his opponents.

Oppenheim found a spot to make a stand holding pocket eights as Mizrachi gambled with a call holding {Kc}{Qs}. All looked set for Oppenheim to double up until a queen landed on the river to take us heads up.

Mizrachi held the chip advantage but the Russian fought his way back with some fast play and fearless aggression. Mizrachi was on the back foot as his stack was dwindling rapidly. He eventually made a stand with {Ac}{7c} but Schmelev made the call with {Ah}{Jh}. It appeared as it was about to be all over, however the board ran out {Kc}{9c}{Td}{Qh}{5c} to give Mizrachi the nut flush and a game-changing double up.

From there Mizrachi took control and frustrated his opponent into submission. When Mizrachi made running trips holding {3d}{2d}, Schmelev was crippled and it was just a matter of time. The final hand came when Mizrachi shoved the button with {Qs}{5c}. Schmelev made the call with {Qd}{8s} and was happy to be in a dominant position, but the {9h}{6h}{4c}{5h}{4d} board paired Mizrachi to award him the title!

The Mizrachi railbirds let out an almighty roar and despite a long final day, Mizrachi was thrilled to have captured his first WSOP bracelet. PokerNews’ own Gloria Balding caught up with Mizrachi following his win:


Final Table Results:

1st Michael Mizrachi - 1,559,046
2nd Vladimir Schmelev - $963,375
3rd David Oppenheim - $603,348
4th John Juanda - $436,865
5th Robert Mizrachi - $341,429
6th David Baker - $272,275
7th Daniel Alaei - $221,105
8th Mikael Thuritz - $182,463

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Michael Mizrachi Wins $50k WSOP Poker Player's Championship Michael Mizrachi Wins $50k WSOP Poker Player's Championship

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