Michael O'Grady Tops Day Two of ANZPT Sydney

Posted at 02:08 2010-04-24

It was a shorter than normal day today with only seven levels, but it still didn't deter 150 players making their way to the rail.

In only a few hands of play we lost Adam Monaghan and Trung Tran before birthday boy Jay 'SEABEAST' Kinkade made a move that resulted in an early exit.

Tournament regulars Chris Levick, Ben Delaney, Daniel Neilson, Tom Grigg and Van Marcus were all unable to gather any momentum as they hit the rail soon to be followed by Stewart Scott and Billy Argyros.

However it would be Emad Tahtouh's roller-coaster of a day that saw him soar up the leaderboard, then slip to just 20,000 before being within one spot of the chip lead nearing the money, only to have this hand come up to leave him nearly crippled.

Facing an under the gun min-raise to 6,000, Tahtouh made the call from the button holding {As}{Ks} and fired out on the flop of {Kc}{4d}{3c} for 13,000 before Danny Yeung check-raised to 40,000. Tahtouh moved all in for over 225,000 and Yeung instantly called for his 180,000-chip stack tabling his {4h}{4c}, and once the board bricked out, Yeung soared to the chip lead as Tahtouh would run his Queens into Aces a few hands later to hit the rail.

However when the final 59 players all tossed in their last hand for the night it would be Michael O'Grady sitting on top with 402,000 only to be trailed by Danny Yeung (355,000), Xu Qi (353,500) and Dale Marsland (298,500).

Amazingly Tony Hachem is set for his seventh cash from eight ANZPT starts as he bagged a respectable 255,000. Other notables still alive include Rick Kroesen (205,500), Antonis Kambouroglou (196,000), Lee Nelson (169,500) and Vincent Wan (142,500) just to name a few.

Play is set to continue at 12:30pm tomorrow with only five eliminations until we hit the money!

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Chip Leader Michael O'Grady Chip Leader Michael O'Grady

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