Mixed Game Poker Strategy: 10-Game - The Future of Mixed Games

Posted at 11:33 2011-03-02

 The game of HORSE started to grow in popularity around 2006. Shortly after, PokerStars introduced the 8-Game concept, and before long, 8-Game became the standard for mixed games. In recent months, Full Tilt Poker has picked up draw poker variants, and as a result they have created the ultimate in mixed games with the 10-Game mix. As the name insinuates, the 10-Game mix offers ten poker variants split up over three major types. Let's take a closer look at 10-Game.

The Games

10-Game is 40 percent flop games. The games offered in the mix are Limit Hold'em, Limit Omaha Hi-Lo split, Pot-Limit Omaha High and No-Limit Hold'em. The 10-Game mix is the first mixed game that actually puts Stud players at a true disadvantage. In the past, Stud variants composed from 38 to 66 percent of the games offered in the mix. With 8-Game, only 30 percent of the games are stud based. Seven Card Stud, Stud Hi-Lo split and Razz are the old standbys offered, and all remain in limit format only. Triple Draw 2-7 Lowball was first offered in a mixed game online in the 8-Game format. 10-Game goes a step further and adds No-Limit 2-7 Single Draw Lowball and Badugi to the mix.

Who Has the Advantage?

10-Game is a true test of poker disciplines as every major form of poker played online is included in this mix. A true limit poker expert will have a field day with this game, but those that can play every game in this mix will be few and far between. Omaha and Hold'em players may also want to consider brushing up on their NL 2-7 Lowball as the game offers a lot of opportunities to bluff compared to some of the other limit games. As such, the wide array of games offered in this mix evens the playing field more than other mixed games, and only those that can truly play every game proficiently will have the advantage.

Fastest Way to Improve Your Game

If you really want to give yourself the best chance to be competitive at 10-Game, start working on your draw variants. When HORSE poker started to become popular, players that worked on improving their Stud games saw drastic improvement. Becoming proficient in the Draw variants of this mix will put you ahead of the learning curve of many new players trying this game out. Full Tilt and PokerStars both offers a lot of action in the draw games in the 10-Game mix and with practice, you should be able to get yourself up to speed.

Poker is about evolution. NL Hold'em evolved drastically after the poker boom. HORSE poker evolved into 8-Game, and now it appears that 10-Game may be the future of the mixed game.

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Mixed games have evolved from HORSE to 8-Game and now 10-Game is the latest craze! Mixed games have evolved from HORSE to 8-Game and now 10-Game is the latest craze!

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