Mixed Game Poker Strategy: Stealing in Stud Hi-Lo Against Solid ABC Players

Posted at 10:49 2010-09-01

Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo is a game where an aggressive player can sometimes takes advantage of tight “ABC” poker players, especially on third street through fifth street. A lot of this is done in the way of stealing, but also in realizing how many ABC players will react on certain streets. Let’s take a look at some spots where you may be able to pick up chips and even pots.

Third Street Stealing

While stealing antes on third street is nothing new, many ABC players are not thinking about stealing a lot, or even at all on third. This gives you an advantage. You see a lot of people complete almost anytime they have an ace. While it is unlikely they have it every time, how do you know? They could have a pair of aces, or three big low cards, or maybe even three suited low cards. It is tough to defend against this. Unless you have a big hand, you can’t do much here.

Another common place to try and steal is actually a play from regular Seven Card Stud. Let’s say you are in late position and have a high card or even a face card. No limpers to you and you complete. This is a standard Stud play, but can be effective in stealing in Stud Hi-Lo. If your opponent makes the call from the bring-in, then they likely have a working low hand or a low pair. If you get a call from another late position player (assuming you are not beside the bring-in), you know they have a hand.

Fourth Street Stealing

Fourth street stealing is dependant on a couple of factors. The first is naturally card catching and the other is the rule of improve or dump. The first is pretty standard. Let’s say you start with an ace or a high card and complete, and then on fourth you pair your door card. If you started with an ace, your opponent at worst case has to put you on a pair and three low. If you started with any other card, they almost have to put you on trips. In many times, you will take the pot with a bet. A call here will help you to clearly define your opponent’s hand.

The other point where you might try and steal is when a player comes in with a low card showing and then catches a high card on fourth. Many ABC players will adhere to the rule where you either improve on fourth street or abandon the hand. Catching a high card will hurt their hand a high percentage of the time. If you bet in this spot, many players will fold.

While these aren’t the only ways to try and steal pots on third and fourth, they are the most common, especially if you are playing solid ABC players. At the same time, if you meet resistance or they continue to call you down, proceed cautiously. Sometimes those solid ABC players are smart enough to know what you are doing and may play certain hands to trap you. However, in many cases, the above plays will help you to pick up more pots. Good luck at the tables.

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Learn to steal from solid players in Stud Hi-Lo Learn to steal from solid players in Stud Hi-Lo

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