Moffett Mixing It Up In PokerStars APCOOP

Posted at 21:49 2010-11-26

After another marathon session the virtual felt, PokerNetwork regular Liam moffo47 Moffett turned in another impressive result, finishing third in the sixth event of the PokerStars APCOOP series last night.

With late registration open for two hours after the start of the $33 Mixed Hold'em six-handed event, 220 players ponied up the buy-in and generated a $6,600 prize pool, surpassing the $1,000 guarantee by a huge margin. Amongst the notables included PNW reporter Joshua Procession Bell, Sydney poker entrepeneur Chris PokerDomeAA Levick, 888 Poker League bigwig Garth Suckoutmgnet Kay, as well as APCOOP champions Kell Hawk222 (winner of Event #5) and kbp00(winner of Event #4).

Team PokerStars Pros Bryan Huang and Joe Hachem were also in the mix, but neither had any success this time around. Huang was amongst the earliest eliminations, copping a brutal beat from paul3121 after his {Th}{Tc} cracked Huang's {As}{Ah} when he caught a runner-runner straight on a board of {8c}{2c}{9s}{6d}{7h}. Hachem was also eliminated at the halfway point of the tournament, but it was a case of friendly fire with Moffett the culprit.

According to the hand history posted on the PNW sweat thread, Moffett check-called Hachem all the way down the board of {Kc}{3s}{2h}{4d}{2d}, with all the money in the middle on the river. Hachem showed {Jc}{8c} but Moffett knew he wasn't going anywhere with his {Ah}{Ac}. Moffett then stormed his way through the field holding the chip lead for most of the tournament and was still top of the pops by the time the final table was reached at around 4am. However, a couple of big coolers led to his eventual demise, courtesy of hellfrit. In a big three-way all-in pre-flop situation, Moffett's {Ks}{Kc} were ahead of Sutto47's {Ad}{Kd}, but both were crused by hellfrit's {As}{Ah}.

A short time later, Moffett found himself all-in on a flop of {7h}{9d}{3s} holding {Ts}{8d} from the blinds, only to be called by hellfrit who revealed {6h}{5h} for an inferior straight draw. A repeat {7d} appeared on the turn, but hellfrit hit his straight with the river {4h}. Moffett was out soon after that, collecting $792 for his third place finish, but it was Taiwan's Terry Fan who defeated hellfrit heads up for the title.

PokerStars APCOOP Event #6 - $33 Mixed Hold'em [6-max] (220 entries, 30 places paid)

1st Terry Fan $1,518
2nd hellfrit $1,056
3rd Liam "moffo47" Moffett $792
4th raiden_kan $528
5th Sutto_47 $396
6th F33_nisei $270.60

Notable cashes: S.rainy (16th place, $75.90), Denise nglala Wong (17th place, $75.90), kbp00 (29th place, $52.80), Garth Suckoutmgnet Kay (30th place, $52.80)

The PokerStars APCOOP series continues tonight with more six-max action with Event #7 - $33 No Limit Hold'em event, starting at 8pm AEDST. This tournament features a guaranteed $7,500 prize pool and is sure to attract a massive field, so if you want a slice of some APCOOP pie, download PokerStars via PokerNetwork today and get amongst it!

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Liam "moffo47" Moffett had to be content with third place in last night's APCOOP event Liam "moffo47" Moffett had to be content with third place in last night's APCOOP event

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