MPCC Main Event Day 1a: Edmund Lee Takes An Early Lead

Posted at 04:08 2012-09-13 by Matthew Pitt

Day 1a of the PokerStars Macau Poker Cup Championship (MPCC) has been completed and what a day it was. By the time the registration desk at the Grand Waldo Entertainment Complex had closed for the day there were 89 players who had exchanged HKD$20,000 for the chance to win a slice of the HKD$4,500,000 guaranteed prize pool.

It is a very rare occurrence when a player who ends the first starting day goes on to win the entire tournament but Hoi Ting “Edmund” Lee will be hoping he goes against the statistics and continues his great run right until this tournament is completed.

Lee ended the day with the welcomed problem of having to figure out how to fit all of his chips into a single chip bag; his dilemma was caused by finishing Day 1a with 119,175 chips. A large number of those chips were won from David Steickewinner of the opening event of the 2012 MPCC – when Steicke raised then called Lee's three-bet with just {9-}{6-}. The flop came down nine-high but containing two hearts and after a raising war Steicke found himself at risk. Lee held {A-Hearts}{Q-Hearts} and managed to catch his flush on the river to send Steicke to the rail and Lee to the top of the chip counts.

The only other player to finish with a six-figure stack was Aimin Zhang who bagged up 101,500 chips, but there were plenty of others who managed to make it through to Day 2 with healthy stacks. They included Lei Zhang (76,350), Rui Chen (82,975), Sparrow Cheung (73,925) and the 2011 Asian Player of the Year winner Hung-Sheng “Shaq” Lin (60,500).

The 40 players who managed to navigate through Day 1a will meet up with those who make it through today's Day 1b, which kicks off at 15:10pm (GMT+8). A bumper crowd is expected and we will have a recap of the action shortly after play comes to an end for the night.

2012 MPCC Main Event Day 1a Top 10 Chip Counts

1Hoi Ting “Edmund” Lee119,175
2Aimin Zhang101,500
3Rui Chen82,975
4Lei Zhang Zhang76,350
5Jeppe Drivsholm75,900
6Sparrow Cheung73,925
7Xibo Hu73,725
8Ryan Hong70,000
9Marius Le Roux68,675
10Brian Pearson67,325

Lead image courtesy of Kenneth Lim and the PokerStars Blog

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Hoi Ting Edmund Lee Hoi Ting Edmund Lee

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