Nauv Kashyap Wins ANZPT Gold Coast!

Posted at 21:14 2010-08-15

All eyes were on the Gold Coast today as an exciting PokerStars.net ANZPT event drew to a conclusion. The ANZPT Gold Coast started out with 287 entrants, and just nine remained at the start of today’s play. The chip leader was Nauv Kashyap but the final table included a wealth of talent and many PokerNetworkers including Liam O’Rourke, Joel Dodds, Dominic Coombe, Ricky Kroesen, Michael Spilkin and Aaron Benton.

It didn’t take long for the final table to get going with a huge double elimination on the very first hand of the day, that the elimination of two of the big threats on the final table in online sensation Dominic Coombe and the ultra-consistent Michael Spilkin. They both ran into the pocket queens of Nauv Kashyap, as the overnight chip leader continued his hot form from the day before and never looked back.

The quick rate of eliminations continued as Le Vuong Van lost his battle with his short stack to finish in 7th while Brad Wilson was eliminated in 6th place. Both of them fell to unlucky river cards as Aaron Benton appeared set to challenge for the title.

Joel Dodds was crippled and eliminated in 5th place but Benton’s good run came to a screeching halt as he doubled up both Ricky Kroesen and then Liam O’Rourke. In the first hand Benton ran his pocket jacks into Kroesen’s pocket kings, before flopping top and bottom pair against O’Rourke’s top two pair. Benton was left crippled and eliminated shortly after in 4th place.

Liam O’Rourke was looking dangerous but his bluffs got picked off by Nauv Kashyap, before an unlucky all-in clash with Ricky Kroesen sent him to the rail in 3rd. On a queen-high flop the chips went into the middle with O’Rourke’s ace-queen in great shape against Kroesen’s queen-ten, but a ten on the turn gave Kroesen two pair and the pot.

After taking only three and a half hours to eliminate seven players, it would take over two more hours before the title was decided as a see-saw heads-up battle saw both players have opportunities to win it all. Kroesen was at one point, flipping for the title but his pocket eights fell to Kashyap’s ace-jack to keep the contest alive. However the key hand was when Kroesen check-raised all in on the turn, only to find Kashyap has flopped the nut flush to leave Kroesen drawing dead.

From there it was a matter of time, and Kroesen pushed his short stack with king-deuce into Kashyap’s pocket tens. The board bricked out and Nauv Kashyap was crowned ANZPT Gold Coast champion!

Final Table Results

1st Nauv Kashyap - $182,965
2nd Ricky Kroesen - $116,235
3rd Liam O'Rourke - $64,575
4th Aaron Benton - $50,225
5th Joel Dodds - $41,975
6th Brad Wilson - $34,440
7th Le Vuong Van - $27,265
8th Michael Spilkin - $21,525
9th Dominic Coombe - $16,145

* Photo courtesy of PokerStarsBlog

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Nauv Kashyap Wins ANZPT Gold Coast Nauv Kashyap Wins ANZPT Gold Coast

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