Negreanu Schooled by Isildur1 in High Stakes SuperStar Showdown

Posted at 19:42 2011-03-21

It’s going to take more than some inspired half-time words and a bit of luck to get Daniel "Kid Poker" Negreanu back into his SuperStar Showdown match-up with Viktor “Isildur1” Blom. The 20-year old Swede took his high-profile opponent back to school as the players went head-to-head across four tables of high stakes No Limit Hold’em action.

Negreanu had originally sat with $40,000 of the $150,000 he intended to play with across the two session challenge. Unfortunately for him, the first session would end early courtesy of Isildur1 felting Negreanu’s SuperStar Showdown Challenge Bankroll.

Negreanu would fall behind early after the two players got all the money in at the river with the board reading {Kc}{Ts}{4s}{4h}{6h}. Negreanu thought his {kh}{Qs} was good, only to find that Isildur1 had spiked a set for his {6d}{6s} on the river.

Isildur1 would be $10,000 up at that stage, but would double his advantage a short time later with Negreanu getting his stack in with a top pair {Qh}{9d} only to find himself in deep trouble against Blom’s {As}{9s}. The {9c}{3c}{2h} flop was then completed by an {Ad} and a repeat {Ac}.

Negreanu would slide to $30,450 down, before putting all of his effort into digging himself out of the hole. It seemed to work for a while as he fought back to just $10,400 down. But as quick as he had worked his way back from the felt, he was behind again by the biggest margin of the match to that point.

The crucial hand saw Negreanu go to battle with {Kd}{6d}, while Blom had {js}{3s}. The flop was {Ks}{6s}{jc} and Negreanu quickly called a four-bet shove from Blom before the Swede turned a pretty {9s} to make a flush. Negreanu blanked the river and was all at sea again.

From there Isildur1 went into beast mode and piled onto his lead. As the players progressed over 1,000 hands he had a lead of over $100,000 and Blom would land the knockout blow before they had completed three quarters of the scheduled hands for the session.

PokerStars has rushed in to ensure that there will be a second match up next week as originally planned despite the fact that Negreanu lost all of his intended bankroll for the challenge. Negreanu will sit with another $150,000 next weekend, although it is not clear as to who will be putting up the money for him to have another shot at the wild online cash game player.

Although it’s yet to replicate his famous summer tear in which he took a good chunk out of Tom “Durrrr” Dwan and others before losing the lot to Brian Townsend and Cole South, the run Isildur1 has been on so far during the PokerStars SuperStar Showdown challenge is looking legitimate. All tallied, the Swede is up over $300,000 so far. The only question, one sure to be answered in the coming months, is how long he will be able to hang onto his winnings this time.

Fans will be able to watch the two stars of poker duke it out from the online rail on PokerStars next Monday as they do it all again.

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Viktor "Isildur1" Blom has sounded defeated Daniel Negreanu in their SuperStar Showdown Viktor "Isildur1" Blom has sounded defeated Daniel Negreanu in their SuperStar Showdown

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