Negreanu Takes Round Two against Isildur1 in PokerStars SuperStar Showdown

Posted at 18:32 2011-03-29

For most of yesterday’s rematch against Isildur1, it must have felt like a horrible case of déjà vu for Daniel Negreanu. Just a week removed from one of the biggest defeats of his career, Negreanu backed up to take on the hyper-aggressive Swedish player Viktor Blom in the PokerStars SuperStar Showdown.

Once again Negreanu was immediately on the back foot and it looked like Isildur1 was on track to take over $300,000 from the man known as Kid Poker. Negreanu’s stack dwindled to just $30,000, having started with a reloaded $150,000. It would not end that way though as the Canadian drew on the full range of his game to fight back and finish a respectable $26,500 winner on the day.

Negreanu freely admitted after the match that he came into the first round unprepared for the level that Isildur1 played at. However Negreanu spent a week feverishly practicing with some online young guns including Tom Marchese as he tailored a game plan to combat Isildur1’s style.

One key change in Negreanu’s strategy was to increase his preflop aggression and reduce the amount of minimum raises that he was making.

The changes saw him drag some key pots, which would have been a refreshing change after being run over last weekend. The key exchanges saw Negreanu pull down a $17,600 pot after both players went to war with two pair and the biggest pot of the day when the Canadian’s pocket queens held up against Isildur1’s {J-}{10-} to land him another $30,430.

Isildur1 would stack off late in the night with pocket fours running into Negreanu’s aces to all but assure the Canadian of victory on the day. While Negreanu may have won the day, Isildur1 would take the overall head to head victory, almost $125,000 to the good.

It is however still early days in the SuperStar Showdown Challenge with Isildur1 and only time will tell if he can maintain the form that has seen him take down some experienced challengers so far.

If you would like your shot at Isildur1, but don’t quite have the balla bankroll to play $50/$100 against him, why not play in the PokerStars SuperStar Showdown qualifiers. Each qualifier winner will get their chance to take on Isildur1 heads up at $5/$10. Best of all PokerStars will stake the qualifier into the $15,000 match and whatever the challenger has left (or has won from the match) will be theirs to keep.

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Daniel Negreanu has fought back to defeat Isildur1 in their rematch Daniel Negreanu has fought back to defeat Isildur1 in their rematch

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