Never Seen Before Moments: Patrik Antonius Gets Mad

Posted at 20:00 2014-10-29 by PokerNetwork Staff

Even professionals make mistakes, and rarely several ones in just one hand. The following clash between Patrik Antonius and Daniel "Jungleman" Cates is one of those occasions.

Patrik Antonius vs Daniel Cates

The hand took place during one of the qualifiers of the PartyPoker Premier League. With the blinds being 10,000-20,000, Patrik opened to 40,000 with {a-Hearts}{k-Spades} from under the gun.

Everyone folded, except the big blind, Cates, who wanted to push all-in. Instead of doing so, he grabed his two largest chip towers and put to the middle, thinking that he would have the chance to send in the rest with another move.

Vanessa Selbst at the table immediately voiced, that this should qualify as a string-bet, and the dealer agreed. Unfortunately Patrik already announced "call", based on the intention of going all-in shown by Cates.

Since it was not the case, the players were forced to see a flop, and on the {a-Diamonds}{10-Clubs}{2-Spades}, Jungleman could easily fold his hand knowing he was very rarely ahead of his opponent's range at this point. Patrik blamed the ruling for not realizing the expected value he was looking for in the hand.

We disagree. The ruling was clearly right, and the player could have avoided the frustrating situation by Cates announcing the all-in, or by Antonius waiting the action and then push all-in, or simply just by agreeing to push it blindly as they intended to do in the first place.

They haven't done either, which resulted in an entertaining hand and the rare site of Patrik Antonius going mad.


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