New $12k WSOP Freerolls at Bodog and Everest

Posted at 07:00 2007-03-28 Are you good enough to bluff the best? If the answer is yes, then you need to win yourself a $12,000 Team PokerNews Freeroll and take on the best at the WSOP. PokerNews/PokerNetwork has recently added two $12,000 WSOP freerolls at Bodog Poker, and one WSOP freeroll at Everest Poker. Each freeroll winner will receive a USD$12,000 Team PokerNews WSOP package, which consists of entry into the 2007 WSOP Main Event (worth USD$10,000), and also USD$2,000 cash for travel and accommodation. These WSOP freerolls are exclusive to PokerNews players, and this means the field is ultimately minimised and your chances to win optimised. Bodog Poker is hosting two freerolls, on Tuesday May 1 at 11:05 AEST, and Wednesday May 30 at AEST 11:05 AEST. Bodog Poker is also sweetening the deal with some extra prizes – there’s $55 in tournament credits for 2nd-7th place, and $22 in tournament credits for 8th-12th place. If you don’t have a Bodog account, you need to download Bodog Poker through our special PokerNetwork links and register a new account. Once you’ve signed up, you need to earn 300 Bodog Poker Points for each freeroll you want to play. To be eligible for the freeroll on Tuesday May 1, you need to earn 300 Bodog Poker Points between April 2 and April 25, and to enter the freeroll on Wednesday May 30, you need to earn 300 Bodog Poker Points between May 2 and May 23. If you have previously signed up to Bodog Poker through PokerNews/PokerNetwork, you will be able to enter these freerolls if you earn enough Bodog Points during the qualification period. All eligible players will receive an email after the cutoff date with details on how to register for the tournament. Everest Poker have also been generous enough to donate a $12,000 Team PokerNews WSOP Freeroll, which will be held on Saturday May 12 at 06:00 AEST. Like all our freerolls, to be eligible to enter you need to download Everest Poker through the special PokerNetwork links, and register a new account. You then need to go to the ‘Bonus’ section and enter the code ‘PNEWSWSOP’. Once you have entered the code, simply make a deposit and you will be automatically entered into the tournament, which will appear in the lobby on April 11. If you have previously signed up to Everest Poker through PokerNews/PokerNetwork, then you will be eligible to enter once you enter the bonus code and make a deposit. If you have already made a deposit, all you have to do is enter the bonus code. There are no points requirements, or raked hand requirements – just sign up through PokerNetwork, deposit and play! PokerNews are giving away over $250,000 in Team PokerNews WSOP Freerolls and are constantly adding more, so continue to check the Freerolls Page for your chance to win a free $12,000 WSOP 2007 package. Upcoming PokerNetwork Freerolls Sunday 8th April 04:00 AEST $12,000 Team PokerNews WSOP 2007 - Full Tilt Poker Sunday 8th April 07:00 AEST $15,000 WPT Grand Prix de Paris - Pacific Poker Sunday 15th April 03:00 AEST $12,000 Team Pokernews WSOP 2007 - Party Poker Thursday 19th April 11:00am AEST $12,000 Team PokerNews WSOP 2007 - Full Tilt Poker

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