New Zealand Poker Open Title Stays On Home Soil

Posted at 19:09 2010-06-08

Auckland’s Jackson Zheng has won the title of New Zealand Poker Open champion, outlasting a field of 125 players at SKYCITY Casino in Auckland over the weekend to collect the first place prize of NZ$37,110.

The tournament began on Sunday 6 June at SKYCITY Poker with 125 players taking their seats with a starting stack of 15,000 in chips for their NZ$1,100 buy-in. Many of New Zealand’s top poker players were there including New Zealand’s top poker player, Lee ‘Final Table’ Nelson, Brooke Howard-Smith, Richard Lancaster, 2009 SKYCITY Festival of Poker eighth place Lance Climo, 2010 Lee Nelson Deep Stack winner, Angie Fitzgerald and Kevin Clark.

Dealer’s dealt out the first cards of the final day at midday on Monday 7 June to the final 29 players with the field made up of domestic players from some of the country’s major centres including Auckland, Wellington, Rotorua and Hamilton. Three female players made it through to the final 29 looking to recreate the win seen at the 2010 SKYCITY Lee Nelson Deep Stack by Angie ‘Ice Queen’ Fitzgerald becoming the first female to win a major poker tournament in New Zealand. All three were looking at taking home the trophy in what is a largely male dominated sport.

Chip leader going into the final day was Guobing Yu from Auckland with 165,000 in chips. The chip stack leader changed throughout the day with the final table of nine players coming together at 7.45pm.

All players at the final table played cautiously and tight until Jackson Zheng and Kevin Clark from Auckland were the last two remaining.  Jackson claimed victory when his {Kx}{7x} was good against Kevin’s {Ax}{6x} on a board of {Qx}{7x}{Qx}{8x}{Tx} to take down the title of 2010 SKYCITY New Zealand Poker Open winner.

The series also included the NZ$550 buy-in Teams Event with SKYCITY Poker Ambassador Brooke Howard-Smith and comedian Mike King dominating the field and taking away the title of 2010 SKYCITY New Zealand Poker Open Teams Event winners. This is the first major event win for Brooke Howard-Smith.

The results for the main event were:

1. Jackson Zheng – Auckland - $37,110.00
2. Kevin Clark – Auckland - $24,250.00
3. Ray McCarthy – Auckland - $14,630.00
4. Robert Wang – Auckland - $11,750.00
5. Guobing Yu – Auckland - $9,500.00
6. Renae Baker – Rotorua - $6,000.00
7. Lance Climo – Hamilton - $5,000.00
8. Jordon Bryant – Wellington - $4,000.00
9. David Lim – Auckland - $3,630.00
10. James Smith – Auckland - $3,250.00
11. Brett Unkovich – Auckland - $2,500.00
12. Brian Biggs – Auckland - $2,130.00
13. Harry Yi – Auckland - $1,250.00

The next event at SKYCITY Auckland is the 2010 SKYCITY Festival of Poker held September 13 to 19.

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New Zealand Poker Open Title Stays On Home Soil New Zealand Poker Open Title Stays On Home Soil

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