Nicholas Schlie Crowned Champion Of WPPT Tweed Heads

Posted at 09:00 2012-10-08 by Matthew Pitt

The World Professional Poker Tour (WPPT) was in Tweed Heads, over the weekend where just 58 players were prepared to part company with the €1,100 buy-in, meaning the prize pool fell massively short of the advertised $300,000.

Despite the low turn out, the tournament that took place at the Seagulls Club in New South Wales will be remembered fondly by those who participated, especially Nicholas Schlie who was the eventual champion. This result added $14,500 to Schlie's bankroll; not bad for a few days of live poker!

After both starting flights had been completed there were 58 players registered but only 35 managed to make it through to Day 2. These 35 survivors were whittled down to the final eight in record time, leaving the final table to line up as follows:

1Justin Ayoub305,000
2Eric Scalvos276,000
3Mitch Caton371,000
4Thomas Wing229,000
5Najeem Ajez588,000
6Josh Rimmington49,000
7Ami Asaf555,000
8Nicholas Schlie645,000

Each of the eight final tablists were guaranteed at least $1,800 for the efforts but as any poker player will tell you, once you reach the final table all that is on your mind is going all of the way and winning the event. Unfortunately for Josh Rimmington those thoughts ended prematurely as his was in push-or-fold mode from the restart and he could not find a much needed double-up.

He was followed to the rail first by Justin Ayoub, then by Ami Asaf, Mitch Caton and Najeem Ajez. When there were just three players remaining a deal was struck and the tournament brought to an end; although the WPPT Facebook page would have you believe the tournament was brought to an end by an {a-}{a-} vs {k-}{k-} vs {10-}{10-} confrontation, though that appears to be false especially when one considers Grant Levy's comment of “Sick finish. Seems almost unbelievable...” which has been liked by one of the final table members!

1Nicholas Schlie$18,000
2Thomas Wing$12,000
3Eric Sclavos$11,500
4Najeem Ajez$7,000
5Mitch Catn$5,000
6Ami Asaf$3,200
7Justin Ayoub$2,000
8Josh Rimmington$1,900

Table above shows original payouts

Image courtesy of the WPPT Facebook page

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