Nobbi Tanaka Wins Opening Event at JHDSS3

Posted at 02:49 2009-11-16
The third instalment of the popular Joe Hachem deepstack series kicked off with a bang today in the Crown poker room. Both of the scheduled events were a sell out with 90 players filling the virtual tables for the $120 PokerPro Shootout and a massive 500 entrants hitting the felt for Event #1 of the schedule, the $230 No Limit Holdem Event. There were quite a few disappointed players who missed out on registering for the opening event with entries reaching the 500 player cap more than an hour prior to the start of the tournament. With the rest of the Championship events being uncapped, players wont have to face disappointment again.
Despite the generous 15k starting stacks, play was fast and furious with the players whittled down from 500 to less than 150 at the dinner break. There were many familiar names in the field today with the likes of Andrew Jeffreys, Steve Topakas, Michael Guzzardi, Albert Amato, Bruno Portaro, Leo Boxell, David Zhao, Andrew Demetriou, Peter Aristidou and Trung Tran amongst the field. Some Crown regulars such as Dean McIver, Leigh Warne, Peter Vratsidis and the winner of the last JHDSS Main Event, Daniel Botta, all made the money, yet fell short of the final table. Some who were fortunate enough to reach the final table included Barry Harris, Jirair Ebayan and David Munday but they were all chasing the chip leader, former Crown poker dealer and Big Brother contestant Nobbi Tanaka.
Tanaka held the chip lead from the start of the final table and never looked like relinquishing it, as he dispatched players with ruthless efficiency.
Entering heads up play with an 8-1 chip lead over Sarah Allan, the players traded raises without a flop for quite a few hands, until Tanaka landed the final blow. Tanaka opened with a raise from the button, only to have Allan move all in over the top. Tanaka couldn't call fast enough as he tabled {Ac}{As}, as Allan grimaced and rolled over {6h}{6d}. The window card certainly woke her up though with the {6s} peeking through the dealer's hand but it was quickly followed by the {6s}{Ad}{9h} however to give Tanaka the bigger set. There was no miracle one-outer for Allan as the board bricked out {7d}, {3s}. Tanaka collects the trophy and first place prize of $20,000.
Tomorrow will see three Championship events in the Crown poker room at the same time. The $125 No Limit Holdem event kicks off at 12pm, the much-hyped $550 7-Game Mixed Event (HORSE plus PLO and NLHE) at 2:30pm and the $230 Pot Limit Omaha with Triple Chance Format at 7pm. Get down to the Crown poker room for some deep stacked fun!

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Nobbi Tanaka Wins Opening Event at JHDSS3 Nobbi Tanaka Wins Opening Event at JHDSS3

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