Obst Empty Handed, but Schulman and Negreanu on Track in PCA Super High Roller

Posted at 16:29 2011-01-08

A double elimination on the final hand of the evening would set the final table of the Super High Roller event in the Bahamas. Unfortunately for the Australian fans railing the event Australian hope James ‘Andy_McLEOD’ Obst was joined by Daniel “Jungleman12” Cates in bubbling the televised final table of the event.

It would be a relative short shift of action for the 23 players who returned to day two, taking less than six hours of play to reach the final table of the event. Even then the players seemed in a hurry to get on with it and thanks to the dual elimination of both Cates and Obst the final table will start with an empty seat.

Nick Schulman leads a classy pack of players including Daniel Negreanu, Eugene Katchalov, Humberto Brenes and a shorter-stacked Andrew ‘luckychewy’ Lichtenberger. Schulman has his stack at around 2.9 million chips, while Negreanu is currently in second with 2.1 million. Katchalov (1.4 million) and Bryn Kenney (1.4 million) make up the middle of the pack, while Brenes (757,000), Lichtenberger (373,000) and Sandor Demjan (379,000) will be required to make some moves sooner rather than later to get back into the tournament.

Some big names fell on the day including Justin Smith and Phil Laak who were early victims from short-stacked situations and Laak’s buddy Antonio Esfandiari would join them on the rail a short time later. Daniel Negreanu continued his run up the counts by busting Sorel Mizzi and big threat Shawn Buchanan lost out to Humberto Brenes in a pocket tens against queens situation.

While overnight chipleader Tobias Reinkemeier fell out of contention in the tournament, Daniel Negreanu took charge. He would soon be joined by Nick Schulman though. Aggressive play paid off for Schulman who found {As}{Ac} and made a standard raise as he had been doing frequently. With a raise to 43,000 in front of him Vivek Rajkumar flat-called and action folded to Reinkemeier who moved his 255,000 chip stack into the middle. Schulman coyly made just called, and that left Rajkumar to make a huge mistake as he shipped in the remainder of his 900,000 chip stack. He obviously wasn’t expecting to be called, especially not as quick as Schulman did. The {Ad}{jc} of Rajkumar was always going to be in trouble, while Reinkemeier was going to need some assistance with his {Td}{Th}. No help would arrive though and both players were banished to the rail. That sent Schulman out in front at 3.3 million and he would remain on top for the remainder of the day.

With play still on two tables James Obst and Daniel Cates moved all in on different tables at the same time. Cates would be eliminated by Daniel Negreanu, while a short stacked Obst shipped in with {8d}{9d} only to be called by Humberto Brenes in the big blind with {Kd}{Qs}. Obst flopped an eight and was set to double through, until Brenes found a Queen on the turn to re-take the lead. The river bricked sending Obst and Cates out on the same hand.

The seven remaining players are back on hiatus waiting for the final table to be played out tomorrow. It will also be recorded for TV. With only five players to cash it will be interesting to see how the early exchanges play out tomorrow. Even a minimum cash of $200,000 is a handy amount.

The final table chip counts and seating draw:

Seat 1: Nick Schulman (2,990,000)

Seat 2: Sandor Demjan (379,000)

Seat 3: Andrew Lichtenberger (373,000)

Seat 4: Bryn Kenney (1,390,000)

Seat 6: Daniel Negreanu (2,166,000)

Seat 7: Humberto Brenes (757,000)

Seat 8: Eugene Katchalov (1,476,000)


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Nick Schulman and Daniel Negreanu are still on track to hit it big in the Bahamas. Nick Schulman and Daniel Negreanu are still on track to hit it big in the Bahamas.

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