Octavian Voegele Leads ANZPT Adelaide Final Table

Posted at 22:57 2011-02-05

After three days of action on the felt of the Adelaide Casino Poker Zone, the PokerStars.net ANZPT Adelaide Main Event has reached a final table. 36 players returned on Day 3 today and the action was frenetic with the final table reached in a little over four hours of play time.

Nine players missed the money and the bubble was virtually non-existant with the simultaneous eliminations of Joey Lovelady and Eric Sclavos to leave our final 27 happy with at least a $4,140 pay day.

Peter Aristidou didn’t last much longer than that as he was eliminated by Jesse McKenzie who made a straight with a creative play holding 23o. Stuart McLeod-Smith (23rd), Leo Boxell (22nd), Graeme Putt (19th), Daniel Botta (17th), Will Dunn (16th), Jeff Chu (15th), Tim English (14th), Raj Ramakrishnan (13th) and Paul Khoury (12th) all fell before the final table as Jesse McKenzie and Octavian Voegele shot to the top of the chip counts.

Voegele was responsible for many of the bustouts during the day, with his full house versus Graeme Putt’s flush a defining moment in the tournament. McKenzie had a few anxious moments, but caught a river to bust Will Dunn before winning a huge preflop race with pocket jacks against ace-king to collect the biggest pot of the tournament against Jeff Chu.

When the short-stacked David Hibbott blinded out in 10th place the final table lineup was set:

Seat 1: Oliver Grugjic (Australia) - 281,000
Seat 2: Jeff Rossitter (Australia) - 383,000
Seat 3: John Apostolidis (Australia) - 255,000
Seat 4: Charles Caris (Australia) - 846,000
Seat 5: Ian Parnell (Australia) - PokerStars Qualifier - 289,000
Seat 6: Danny Chevalier (Australia) - 500,000
Seat 7: Andrew Dales (Australia) - PokerStars Qualifier - 484,000
Seat 8: Jesse McKenzie (Australia) - PokerStars Player - 915,000
Seat 9: Octavian Voegele (Australia) - 1,088,000

Australian-based Octavian Voegele will lead the way and will be looking to go a few places further after finishing third in this event last year. The final table and the quest for the $148,900 first place prize kicks off at 12:15pm local time with all the live updates brought to your courtesy of the PokerStars Blog.


10th David Hibbott (Australia) - $7,720
11th Graeme Nobbs (Australia) - $7,720
12th Paul Khoury (Australia) - $7,720
13th Raj Ramakrishnan (Australia) - $7,720
14th Tim English (Australia) - $5,520
15th Jeff Chu (Australia) - $5,520
16th Will Dunn (Australia) - $5,520
17th Daniel Botta (Australia) - $5,520
18th Sam Steindl (Australia) - $5,520
19th Graeme Putt (New Zealand) - $4,140
20th Stephen Crotty (Australia) - $4,140
21st Robert Goodwin (Australia) - $4,140
22nd Leo Boxell (Australia) - $4,140
23rd Stuart McLeod-Smith (Australia) - $4,140
24th George Vassilopoulos (Australia) - $4,140
25th John Gallagher (Ireland) - $4,140
26th Ray Ellis (Australia) - $4,140
27th Peter Aristidou (Australia) - $4,140

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Octavian Voegele is the chip leader heading into the ANZPT Adelaide final table Octavian Voegele is the chip leader heading into the ANZPT Adelaide final table

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