On The Box: 2010 Aussie Millions (Episode 10)

Posted at 10:49 2011-01-13

This is it – the final episode of the 2010 Aussie Millions television broadcast! And just in time too – starting this afternoon, the 2011 edition kicks off with the $1,100 Opening Event. So, for the final time, let's recap the action.


In last week's episode, the final table of the 2010 Aussie Millions Main Event, consisting of eight players, was formed. Expectations were high around Canadian online phenom Sorel Imper1um Mizzi as he held a monstrous chip lead, but his aggression got the better of him and his stack quickly shrunk. It was a different story for Australia's Tyron Krost, who was the main beneficiary in the previous episode.

We also witnessed the elimination of Steven Shelley in eighth place, who was never able to recover after that brutal beat by Krost in episode eight, as well as Norwegian online sensation Annette annette_15 Obrestad, who was practically card dead for most of the final table and eventually succumbed to Krost in seventh place, before American Steven Friedlander was confirmed as the sixth-place finisher. We pick up the action with five players remaining.


Tyron Krost (Australia) 3,630,000

Frederik Jensen (Denmark) 2,130,000

Peter Jetten (Canada) 2,520,000
Sorel Mizzi (Canada) 4,450,000
Kosta Varoxis (Australia) 2,270,000

THE BIG STORY: Krost is King!

With Sorel Mizzi's chip lead being cut back, Tyron Krost found himself trailing him by less than one million chips, but he was quick to take over the chip lead from him after eliminating Canada's Peter Jetten in fifth place. In the first hand of the episode, Jetten made a rather creative move, raising to 200,000 from the button with {Kd}{5d} before Krost came over the top with a re-raise holding {Th}{Td}, making it 600,000 to go.

It appeared that Jetten was going to fold at first, but incredibly, he moved all-in for over 2.3 million! Krost snap-called and Jetten paid the price as the board ran out {As}{Js}{2d}{7c}{5s}. That's not to say that Jetten wasn't rewarded for his efforts, as he collected $350,000 of the Australian variety.

Mizzi was then crippled down to 950,000 in the very next hand by Frederik Jensen in similar fashion. Mizzi opened to 200,000 from under the gun holding {As}{5s} and the action folded to Jensen who reraised to 575,000 from the small blind with {Ah}{Kd}. Mizzi shoved, Jensen called and neither hand improved on the board of {7h}{9d}{3d}{Qd}{3c}, putting Jensen second overall in chips with 5.5 million.

Mizzi then managed to double through Kosta Varoxis after his {Ah}{Qh} held up against Varoxis' {Ac}{4s}, but Varoxis was quick to take those chips back when he moved the last of his short stack into the middle with {Js}{Td} and managed to pair up on the {5h}{Qc}{9s}{Ts}{4h} against Mizzi's {Ad}{Jh}. Varoxis doubled through again in the next hand after that through Tyron Krost, managing to hit a queen on the river with {Qc}{Tc} against Krost's {Ah}{4h}.

The plucky Queenslander was then crippled down to just 575,000 after his {Ks}{Kh} were outdrawn by Mizzi's {Ac}{6h} after they got all their money into the middle preflop and an ace appeared in the window. Varoxis then had to settle for fourth place (good for $450,000) when a rather peculiar hand played out between him and Jensen.

With the blinds at 50,000/100,000 and an ante of 10,000, Krost folded on the button before Jetten raised to 550,000 from the small blind with {2h}{2c}. Varoxis took a look at one card, announced “call” and then exposed the {Ah}, leaving him with just 150,000 chips. A confused Jetten called for a ruling, but his hand was still live and eventually, the rest of the money went in after the flop of {Qc}{7c}{9h}.

As it turned out, Varoxis had {Ah}{6c}, but neither the turn of the {Td} nor the river {2s} helped him and Varoxis was done for the night. He was soon followed by Mizzi; in the eighth hand of the episode, Jensen raised from the button to 250,000 with {Jh}{3h}. Mizzi reraised to 770,000 with – yep, you guessed it – {7d}{7c}, but Krost was quick to move all-in with {As}{Ks}.

Jetten got out of the way and Mizzi sighed before committing the rest of his stack. The board of {5h}{Th}{Kh}{8d}{2h} saw Mizzi lose the flip for his tournament life and thus he was sent to the rail in third place to collect $715,000.

Only one more flop was seen before the final hand of the episode played out – Jensen raised from the button to 200,000 with {Kd}{6s} before Krost flat-called with {Ks}{9d}. Both players hit top pair on the flop of {3h}{Kc}{2d}. Krost check-raised Jensen's bet of 225,000, making it 650,000 to go, but Jensen quickly reraised to 1.1 million!

Krost shoved, Jensen called and after the dealer produced the turn and river of {7h}, {2c}, the railbirds erupted! Krost keeps the title (and the $2,000,000 first prize) on home soil for the second consecutive year, while Jensen collected $1.1 million for his runner-up finish.

And with that, this concludes our broadcast day. Our thanks go out to Full Tilt Poker, Crown Casino, the team at i2i Entertainment and of course the presenters – commentators Paul “The Voice” Khoury and Grub Smith, as well as hostess Mieke Buchan – a job well done.

Be sure to keep an eye out for future “On the Box” articles on PokerNetwork in the future and don't forget that 2011 Aussie Millions kicks off today so stay locked into PokerNetwork and PokerNews for all the latest.

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Krost is king in the final episode of the 2010 Aussie Millions Krost is king in the final episode of the 2010 Aussie Millions

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