On the Box: 2010 Aussie Millions (Episode 7)

Posted at 16:39 2010-12-19

The 2010 Aussie Millions Poker Championship television coverage is underway and PokerNetwork will be front and centre to bring you all the action from start to finish. So, whether you want to relive all the highlights, or need to catch up after missing an episode, be sure to watch out for our recap every week!

The 2010 Aussie Millions Poker Championship coverage continues on ESPN with this year's Australian Heads-Up Championship. 50 players each put up $5,300 of the Australian variety to participate and after three days of play, the action picks up late in Day 2.

The quarter-final line-ups were as follows:

Barry Woods (USA) vs Vanessa Selbst (USA)
Andrew Lichtenberger (USA) vs Martin Gudvangen (Norway)
Kyle McMurphy (Canada) vs Brian Roberts (USA)
Darren Woods (UK) vs Andrew Seidman (USA)

For the record, Darren Woods is not related to Barry Woods, however he did defeat Seidman in the quarter-final before losing to Kyle McMurphy in the semi-final. Lichtenberger lost to Gudvangen in his quarter-final match. All the action shown is on the feature table, starting with Barry Woods' quarter-final match against fellow American Vanessa Selbst.


Each player started their preliminary matches with 10,000 in chips and played six 20-minute levels (the blinds were capped at the end of the sixth level) in a best-of-three format. The final featured a double start bank of 20,000, also played best-of-three.

THE BIG STORY: Woods Runs Good, McMurphy Spoils the Party

Barry Woods had “home felt advantage” on the feature table and it seemed the poker gods were smiling on him leading up to the final, first disposing of Vanessa Selbst in straight sets. In the first televised hand, Woods raised from the button with {9s}{9c} before Selbst shoved from the big blind with {7h}{7c}. Woods snap-called and the dealer spread the board of {Th}{2d}{Qd}{3s}{Js} to put Woods up 1-0.

In the next hand, Woods raised from the button with {7h}{7d} and Selbst flat-called with {Ks}{9d} before leading out on a flop that read {Kc}{Kh}{7s}. Woods smooth-called and did the same after Selbst bet out again on the turn of the {2d}. On the river of the {6h}, Selbst bet, Woods shoved and Selbst snap-called, but her trips were no good against Woods' flopped full house.

Selbst was unable to recover, but had a chance to double up to get back into it on the fourth hand of the episode when she got the last of her money in on a flop of {2h}{Kh}{8h} with {7h}{6c}, but amazingly, Woods sent her packing after his {Kc}{7s} managed to hit a runner-runner full house when the turn and river came down {Kd}, {2c}. That made it 2-0 to Woods and put him up against Norway's Martin Gudvangen.

Hand #6 of the episode saw Gudvangen get a little creative, raising with {9h}{5h} from the button before the flop and Woods calling with {Td}{8c} before seeing a flop of {Th}{3d}{5s}. Woods check-raised Gudvangen, Gudvangen moved all-in but Woods knew he was good, calling him down and he went one-up against the Norwegian after the turn and river blanked out {Kc}, {6d}.

Gudvangen was able to tie it up soon after, but in the last two hands of the semi-final, Woods managed to cripple Gudvangen after outdrawing his {9s}{9c} with {Qc}{3s} on a board of {5d}{8d}{5h}{Kc}{Qs}, which forced Gudvangen all-in in the very next hand with {5s}{3d}. Woods called, tabling {js}{2s} and his hand held all the way down the board of {4d}{Qs}{Qh}{9h}{7d}.

Woods now faced Canadian Kyle McMurphy in the final and given that it was one of McMurphy's first major tournaments (and also the godlike run of Woods), all signs pointed to an American victory. Not if McMurphy had anything to say about it – he took the first set after moving all his money in on a flop of {5d}{3c}{7c} with {Kc}{Jh} and hitting the {Jc} on the turn, which held after Woods couldn't pick up his open-ended straight draw with {8c}{6s} when the {As} bricked out on the river.

Woods did manage to make it all square in the very next hand; with the board reading {9h}{Qs}{7d}{Jh}, McMurphy check-raised all-in over Woods' lead-out bet with {Js}{Jc}, but Woods snap-called with {Ts}{8c}, having turned a straight despite McMurphy hitting a set!

McMurphy did take an early hit to his stack, but managed to double up twice against Woods to stay alive and cripple Woods before the final hand of the night played out. McMurphy raised from the button with {Jc}{7h} and Woods called all-in from the big blind, but found himself ahead with his {Kc}{2d}. However, the tradition of getting your money in bad to hit still rang true and the dealer spread the board of {6d}{6h}{2s}{8c}{Jd}, giving McMurphy two pair on the river which was enough to end the rubber 2-1 and give McMurphy the title!

With the 2010 Australian Heads-Up Championship coverage complete, our focus turns to next week, when the Aussie Millions coverage continues with the 2010 Aussie Millions Main Event. Be sure to tune in to ESPN on Tuesday night!



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The 2010 Aussie Millions coverage continues on ESPN The 2010 Aussie Millions coverage continues on ESPN

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