Online High Stakes Record Broken Four Times!

Posted at 11:45 2008-10-30
The records were reset last weekend four times with the record for the highest online no-limit hold’em pot ever being broken four times over.

Full Tilt Poker is home to two specific high stakes poker tables, "RailHeaven" and "GusHeaven", and these tables were where the action took place on Saturday.

Record Breaker No.1
The record was first broken after Tom "durrrr" Dwan and "LarsLuzak" duked it out for $617,968, with durrrr winning the hand. Preflop, LarsLuzak raised to $3,000 and was called by durrrr. The two took a flop of {9c}{5d}{2s} and durrrr checked it over to LarsLuzak, who fired out $4,000. Durrrr came over the top and made it $12,700 and LarsLuzak called. The turn brought the {Ac} and durrrr led out for $24,700, which LarsLuzak called. The river was the {7h} and durrrr again led out, this time for $68,700. LarsLuzak requested time, and then decided to move all in for $270,832. Durrrr requested time before deciding to call, showing {9d}{Ad} for top two pair. LarsLuzak held {6d}{4s} for a missed straight, giving durrrr the record-setting pot.

Record Breaker No.2
Shortly after that hand, the record was broken for a second time when John Juanda took down a pot of $678,069 against Dwan. Preflop, "Urindanger" had made it $3,000 to go when Juanda took it up to $14,500. Durrrr quickly fired back, making it $43,800 to play, and Urindanger ducked out of the way. Juanda requested time before reraising to $137,400 and durrrr moved all in for $338,503. Juanda made the call after requesting time. Durrrr appeared to be in great shape with pocket aces against Juanda's pocket kings, however Juanda snagged one of the remaining two kings on the river, making a set to win the hand.

Record Breaker No.3
Phil Ivey then broke the record for a third time, taking down a $687,622 pot against both Juanda and Dwan. Preflop, Juanda raised to $4,500. Durrrr called and was all in for his remaining $1,967, while Phil Ivey raised to $16,967. Action went back to Juanda, who eventually reraised to $54,370 and Ivey called. The flop came {Ac}{5s}{Ts} and Ivey checked to Juanda, who led out for $112,207. Ivey responded by moving all-in for an additional $175,201. Juanda called, after a brief disconnect, and showed {Ks}{8s} for the second-nut flush draw with Ivey showing pocket tens for a flopped set. The turn and river brought no help to Juanda, giving Ivey the incredibly large pot.

Record Breaker No.4
Durrrr was once again in battle for the largest online pot in history. Preflop, Urindanger made it $3,000 to go and "elmariachimacho" called. Durrrr made it $16,300 after Gus Hansen folded, and Urindanger reraised to $45,000. Elmariachimacho got out of the way and durrrr called. The flop fell {5c}{9h}{4h} and durrrr checked over to Urindanger, who bet $52,700. Durrrr raised to $139,500 and Urindanger eventually moved all in for $314,970 total. Durrrr called and showed pocket kings, only to see he was up against Urindanger's pocket aces. The aces held for Urindanger, who now holds the record for winning the highest online no-limit hold'em pot at $723,938.

An amazing weekend in online poker and you can check all the action out for yourself with the pros on the high stakes tables at Full Tilt Poker. Make your first deposit and enjoy a 100% up to $600 welcome bonus in time for the FTOPS X which kicks off on November 5th.


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