Poker Strategy: Online Poker Tells At Micro Levels

Posted at 22:59 2009-01-12
Online tells are very different to live poker tells. With live poker, the way a person sits, bets or changes in body language according to the cards and situation is often more evident. Live poker also comes with slower play and blow ups over bad beats and misdeals. Online poker, is a different version of the game. Tells are reduced to timing tells of when a person checks or bets.
A Long Pause and a Check
When most online poker players at micro levels have to think for a long time before deciding that they would rather not put any more money into a pot suggests that they do not have a strong hand. They are often trying to indicate strength by pretending that they are slow playing a big hand to induce a check from you. If they are going to check-raise, they would usually check quickly hoping to induce a bet rather than a long pause and then a check.
A Long Pause and a Bet
This is the opposite of the long pause and check. If they long pause and bet, they are hoping that you think that they are weak. This usually indicates a very strong hand. Most micro level players will not be folding such a hand so try not to be too fancy with only a drawing hand or a hand that needs help.
Fast Bets on the Turn
A fast bet or raise on the turn is often an indication of extreme strength or a made hand rather than a bluff. A re-raise over this type of bet will most likely not result in a fold from your opponent. Save your double barrel continuation bets to when somebody checks the turn or when you are in good position and heads up with a weak player.
Re-raise of Your Bet
This again is usually a very strong hand as players at the micro levels rarely attempt fancy re-raise bluffs. Be very careful and be aware that your opponent is often not folding.
Checks on the Turn
This will often mean a weak hand or a drawing hand that has not improved on the turn. Watch out for a check-raise if they are doing this, but if you are in position look to take advantage of their weakness with a good sized bet to give your opponent incorrect odds with their drawing hand.
The Min-Raise
At the micro levels online, this can often mean a strong hand. Although this bet often sticks out and is an obvious tell to somebody’s betting pattern, it is still used online at the micro levels by players who are learning the game. As you move up the limits the min-raise can be used in a number of different ways. Beware of this and try not to allow your bets to stick out like others.
Experience playing online will help you determine what are reliable tells since different players play in different ways. Make sure that you try not to have any tells of your own to keep you opponents guessing.


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Online Poker Tells at Micro Levels Online Poker Tells at Micro Levels

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