Online Team Victorious; Ben Savage Crowned Individual Champion

Posted at 13:41 2009-10-01
A big day of poker was planned on Day 4 of 2009 PokerNews Cup with two huge events bringing the best in the country together for a long day of poker on the felt of the Crown Poker Room in Melbourne.
It started off at 12:10pm with the second day of the PokerNetwork.com Live vs Online Challenge. On day one, the Online Team decimated the Live Team and barring a miracle, the Live Team were out for a little revenge and a bit of respect.
The Shootout format saw the 32 invited players split into four tables of eight. Three tables produced some quality poker, however table number four decided to bring some excitement to the party! We witnessed one hand where the entire table straddled around to the button, and multiple hands where players shoved their 100BBs with the most marginal of hands. While the tactics were questionable, the action was plentiful as the first five eliminations all came from this table to leave Dean Nyberg to take on the twin towers of Jai Kemp and Steve Topakas. In the end Nyberg couldn’t get past them and the Live Team had the first two players through to the final table.
The Live Team had thoughts of a remarkable comeback when Kerry Stead and Dave Lee made it four through to the final after winning their Shootout table, but the young guns of Ben “CNT_CRUSHER” Delaney and Jonathan “xMONSTERxDONGx” Karamalikis ensured the Online Team locked up the team prize with some representation on the final table. They needed it too, as Ben Savage and Peter Aristidou progressed from the fourth table to give the Live Team a 6-2 advantage at the final table.
Even claiming the top six places wouldn’t be enough for the Live Team to claim the title, and with Ben Delaney entering the final table with the chip lead, that prospect was always going to be slim. However the key hand of the final table came in the very early stages when Delaney clashed with the second-chip leader in Dave Lee on a board of {Ks}{6s}{5d}{Qs}. Delaney held {Kc}{Qh} but Lee was set-mining with his {6h}{6d}. The river bricked the {3c} to crippled Delaney and catapult Lee into a huge chip lead.
Delaney busted out soon after in 8th and Karamalikis fell in 7th to leave the Live Team with the final six players as respectability was well and truly restored. From there it became a battle for individual honours as Ben Savage and Dave Lee were in contention for the trophy that was up for grabs for the overall points leader.
Savage took the lead when he reached the final three but was forced to sweat the heads-up match as Dave Lee had to overcome Peter Aristidou to snatch the trophy away from Savage. The final hand was one of the more amazing endings to a tournament.
Dave Lee opened the button to 7,000 with Peter Aristidou making the call in the big blind. They took a flop of {9c}{2d}{3h} and Aristidou checked over to Lee who fired 11,000. Aristidou made the call and they saw the {6c} land on the turn. This time Aristidou decided to lead out for 16,000 but Lee popped it up to 40,000. Aristidou made the call and the {2s} was the river card. Aristidou checked and Lee shoved all in. Aristidou sat in the tank for several minutes and stood from his chair to contemplate the decision for the tournament win. In the end Aristidou announced a call and Lee could only muster {Qc}{8h} for queen-high as Aristidou slammed down {Ad}{5d} onto the table in delight at a huge call for the win! Meanwhile Ben Savage was thrilled as his quarter-final place in the heads-up event along with third place in the Shootout event was enough to take the trophy for the individual champion with 155 points, narrowly ahead of Aristidou, Andrew Jeffreys and Steve Leonard who were all on 150 points.
However bragging rights and beautiful gold medallions were awarded to the Onlive Team for a comprehensive victory.
Heads Up
Online: 690
Live: 180

Online: 260
Live: 610

Online: 950
Live: 790
As one tournament wrapped up, another was just kicking off as 169 players fronted at 7pm for the $550 Tony G Celebrity Bounty Event. The man himself, Tony G kicked off proceedings with the “shuffle up and deal” and put in a very strong showing before gambling it up late in the day to finish in 11th place. Ben Delaney backed up for another impressive performance in this event, following his final table in the PNW Live vs Online Challenge, and after entering the final 32 as chip leader, he eventually departed in 16th place. Andrew Jeffreys and Ben Savage also carried across their good form to reach the final table, but they will be chasing chip leader Bruce Nguyen who finished with a rush as he claimed the chip lead as the clocked ticked over to 3am. The players will return at 4pm to duke it out until a new champion is crowned. Here’s how they will lineup:
Bruce Nguyen - 164,700
Nick Haidaris - 156,000
Angelo Prifti - 125,000
William Skountzos - 110,000
Andrew Jeffreys - 87,700
Riku Koivurinne - 77,700
George Dionisopoulos - 53,600
Ben Savage - 48,700


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Ben Savage Crowned Overall Points Champion Ben Savage Crowned Overall Points Champion

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