Party Poker Bad Beat Jackpot Hits Twice On Sunday!

Posted at 14:44 2009-03-13
As amazing as it seems, on Sunday 8 March, the world famous Party Poker Bad Beat Jackpot was hit TWICE on the same day! The first time it went off for an amazing $552,536.57 and the second time it was $121,853.56!
Norwegian Poker Player ‘FriendlyFrog’ picked up an extremely appetising $276,268.29 after his quad Jacks were beaten by quad Aces on a $0.10- $0.25 cent No Limit table. Not a bad amount of cash to win at a $25NL table! The actual winner of the hand ‘Rolf56111’ will be taking $138,134.14 home to Germany, while ‘ZergRush1337’ and ‘paulapok’ both scored a very tidy $69,067.07 just for being in the hand.
‘FriendlyFrog’ was more than just happy after this. He was absolutely over the moon. Some might even say he was ‘hopping’ mad! This is what he had to say after the hand.
“I have played poker on and off for maybe 4 years. I am just a small time player, and normally play 0.25/0.50 NL, but if I do have a lucky period, I will take my chances at maybe $1/2 NL. I play poker mostly for the fun and action of the game.
I normally don't play a lot of tournaments, but have played some sit and go tournaments at times. I feel my skill is better at cash games. Losing this four of a kind Jacks hand to four of a kind Aces and winning the Bad Beat Jackpot does put things in a strange perspective. Normally a pot of maybe $30 is considered a fairly large pot in my games. To win more than $276,000 is something I have not even dreamt about (well maybe I have since I play the jackpot tables...).
On the hand I flopped 4 of a kind J's (J 10 J on flop), and checked the flop. The other player in the hand also checked. An A came on turn, and we both checked again. Another A on the river, and my opponent made a small bet. I raised to get something from my hand, he re-raised, and I went all-in. I was surprised to see I actually lost the hand, and I did not actually think of the jackpot until I noticed the pop-up window.
Wow, my heart nearly stopped. It was one big surprise. I then just walked around the house for a while before contacting your lovely support staff to confirm my winnings. I could hardly speak a word when I got the confirmation.
The winnings I will hopefully use wisely. We are planning to get a bigger place to live, and this makes that a bit easier. I will also treat myself to a new guitar. Music is my main hobby.”
This action took place at 6.50pm Sydney time and believe it or not by 4:30am the next morning, less than 10 hours later, the bad beat jackpot went off again! This time on a $0.50/$1.00 table, Swedish player ‘Dickson_AA’ scooped a whopping $60,926.88, with Spaniard ‘bitterbittor’ netting $30,463.44 for winning the hand. The four other players in the hand: ‘ABC74123’, ‘LadyNany’, ‘speeduwe’ and ‘y3sguy97’ were paid $7,615.86 just for folding! ‘Dickson_AA’ had 88 and ‘bitterbittor’ had KK. The flop came 8 K 3 for a classic set over set situation. However the case 8 hit the turn giving ‘Dickson_AA’ an unlikely one outer. The whole table was in shock when the case K came on the river thus re ‘one outing’ ‘Dickson_AA’, making ‘bitterbittor’ the hand winner and triggering the second Bad Beat Jackpot of the day!
A PartyPoker.com spokesman said: “The Bad Beat Jackpot doesn’t hit twice in one day very often and we would like to congratulate all the players involved on Sunday. The industry record Bad Beat Jackpot is $1,013,381.63 and was hit on Party Poker.com last August. Judith75 lost the hand but won $354,683.57!”

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Party Poker Bad Beat Jackpot Hits Twice On Sunday! Party Poker Bad Beat Jackpot Hits Twice On Sunday!

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