Party Poker Introduces Million Dollar Hand!

Posted at 22:19 2009-03-13
Usually to win a million dollars in a poker hand you would need to be playing some pretty big stakes now however thanks to Party Poker “The Million Dollar Hand” promotion offers you the chance to win an easy million dollars and even more!
Beginning on the 11th March and running right through to the 22nd March, all you need to do is play at any of PartyPoker’s real money tables. You will receive a playing card for every 15 PartyPoints that you acquire. Once you have built a five card hand you will receive a prize. Cash prizes are guaranteed to anyone who makes one pair or better. If you are lucky enough to get dealt a royal flush you will earn $1 million dollars!
There is no cap on the number of royal flushes that can be won and making a hand is even easier with all players getting their first card for free at the start of the promotion. Check your PartyAccount for this card right now! One of the great benefits of this promotion is that Points are not removed from player accounts following the promotion all the points that you earn are yours to keep – they all count towards Palladium Lounge targets.
A Party Poker spokesman said: “This is an all encompassing promotion that pays $5 for a pair - right up to $1 million for a royal flush! We have had to insure ourselves against the possibility of multiple royal flushes! All a player has to do is collect points and cards throughout the period.” It is just that easy to take part in this promotion. Read below for the prize structure to see just how much you can win from each poker starting hand.
“The Million Dollar Hand” Prize Structure
Royal flush                  $1,000,000
Straight flush               $5,000
Four of a kind              $1,000
Full house                   $250
Flush                            $100
Straight                        $50
Three of a kind           $25
Two pair                      $10
One pair                      $5
Players are allowed to open two hands per day and 24 hands over the whole period giving you heaps of chances to win the cash! You must go to your Party Account to reveal your cards; make sure you check this regularly as any unopened card/hand will not be taken into account. Cash prizes will be paid to players within an hour after they reveal their hand. Check the Party Poker website for full terms and conditions.


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Party Poker Introduces Million Dollar Hand! Party Poker Introduces Million Dollar Hand!

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