Party Poker Launches Double Holdem!

Posted at 22:52 2010-09-20

Bored of standard Texas Holdem? Not getting enough out of those same old two cards you get dealt hand after hand? Then now is the time to get over to PartyPoker and play their new ‘Double Holdem’ game.

This exciting new game offers players the chance to make bigger hands than ever before. This is done be dealing each player three hole cards instead of two. Imagine the monster hands you can make with such an exciting twist to the old Holdem game!

The rules of the game are simple, while maintaining a thrilling new twist!

Each player is dealt three cards and normal betting is undertaken before the flop. After the flop is turned over, each player nominates a ‘point card’. This card will be played as your most important card and will play alongside the other two. This point card will be placed in the middle of your other two cards and it will play as two separate poker hands with each of the cards on its right and left! Making not one but two Holdem hands to play with! You will automatically play whichever hand is the strongest!

This exhilarating new game is exclusive to PartyPoker and is sure to be a hit, so for tutorial videos and more information head over to http://www.partypoker.com/blog/partypoker-software/partypoker-launches-double-holdem.html.

If this weren’t incentive enough Party Poker is also offering PokerNetwork faithful a chance to get $50 FREE cash with no deposit and no strings attached!

All you have to do is use the links on our site, download PartyPoker, use the bonus code PNET50FREE and complete the registration process. By doing this you will receive $25 free, credited just for signing up. You will then receive an additional $25, which will be released by earning 200 PartyPoker points. It’s that simple!

That’s double the reason to get over to this great site and start building you’re bankroll! So if you haven’t already, download PartyPoker now, use your free money and get yourself on the new Double Holdem tables!

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Party Poker Launches Double Holdem! Party Poker Launches Double Holdem!

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