Party Poker Premier League III - JC Tran Wins

Posted at 10:45 2008-12-01

The Party Poker Premier League III has come to an end and final table chip leader JC Tran is the champion. Topping what some would argue as being the toughest field in Premier League history, JC Tran is now $300,000 richer and adds to his already incredible year.

The starting table draw and chip counts were as follows:

Seat 1: Tom Dwan (United States) - 260,000
Seat 2: Juha Helppi (Finland) - 340,000
Seat 3: Tony G (Australia) - 260,000
Seat 4: Roland de Wolfe (United Kingdom) - 230,000
Seat 5: JC Tran (United States) - 450,000
Seat 6: Peter Eastgate (Denmark) - 390,000

The action didn’t take long to heat up when on the 5th hand of the night, Tony G raised pre-flop with {Ts}{9h} and was re-raised another 21K by Dwan with {Qc}{4c}.

Tony made the call and when the flop came down {4d}{Jc}{Tc} there was sure to be action and the guys did not disappoint. Tom ‘Durrrr’ Dwan led out 43K and Tony moved all in. Dwan called with his flush draw and after the turn brought the {3h} and river {Kh} Tony had doubled up to 434K and was set to be a force at the final table.

While this hand left Dwan with a substantial short stack, it would be the newly crowned WSOP World Champion that would be the first to exit. Eastgate found himself on the wrong end of JC Trans aces, when his {Ks}{9s} was no match on the final board of  {Js}{Kd}{5d}{Jd}{Ac}. Peter raised pre-flop, and when JC flat called with his aces, it enticed Eastgate to move all in on the flop and JC had his first victim of the day.

Peter Eastgate finishes in 6th place and pockets $30,000.

Next to fall was Roland de Wolf when his {Kd}{Ks} was no match for Juha Helppi’s {Ad}{Qc} on a flop of {4h}{3c}{As}. The turn and river brought a {6d} and {Tc} and it was curtains for Roland but his 5th place finish rewards him with $40,000 for his efforts.

After an impressive run with the short stack, Tom Dwan finally took a bike ride. It was none other than Tony G who sent him on his way, when “durrrr” took his {8h}{6s} up against Tony’s {Jc}{8d} on a flop of {7s}{8c}{5h}. With the open-ended straight draw and top pair, the turn {2d} and river {Kd} meant that Dwan’s draw never eventuated and he was out in 4th place. After this hand Tony found himself as the chip leader and new table captain.

On the break, the chip counts stood as follows.

Tony G-    1,145,000
JC Tran-    430,000
Juha Helpi-    365,000

After a few choruses of Tony singing, “If your happy and you know it”, Juha Helpi was next to go. Juha managed to find {As}{Td} pre flop and moved all in, only to find Tony waiting with {Ad}{Qc}. Tony called, JC folded and when the board came down {Qh}{5h}{7s}{4c} no card in the deck could save Juha and it was all over. 3rd place for Helpi and Tony and JC were heads up for the title.

Starting the heads-up battle, Tony held 1,150,000 and JC had 780,000.

Tony was dominating the heads up encounter when the following hand came up.

Pre-flop Tony raised to 75K with {8s}{6s}, JC called with {Th}{8c} and after the flop came {Td}{Qh}{6d} Tony led out 95K, which was called by JC. The turn brought another queen with the {Qs} and this time Tony led out for 110K that prompted JC to raise it up to 260K. Tony folded and it was at this stage that JC was the new chip leader with 1,140,000 leaving Tony with 790,000.

With the blinds at 20K/40K, JC Tran limped in with {9c}{7d} and Tony checked his option with {Ks}{8d}. When the flop landed {5d}{7h}{6h} Tony checked raised all in only to be called by JC. Tony needed any King, Four or Nine to double up and take a formidable chip lead, but when the turn came {Jc} and the river {2s} Tony’s dream was over and JC Tran was the new Party Poker Premier League Champion.

Tony picked up a lazy $150,000 for his efforts and JC Tran walked away with $300,000 and the title of Party Poker Premier League Champion.

Final results:

1st: JC Tran - $300,000
2nd: Tony G - $150,000
3rd: Juha Helppi - $80,000
4th: Tom Dwan - $50,000
5th: Roland de Wolfe - $40,000
6th: Peter Eastgate - $30,000

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JC TRAN Premier League III Champion JC TRAN Premier League III Champion

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