PartyPoker Weekly: Qualify for the 2013 WSOP, Dominate the World and More!

Posted at 11:30 2013-02-26 by PokerNetwork Staff

Welcome to the latest installment of the PartyPoker Weekly, your one-stop shop for all of the latest PartyPoker news and promotions. Keep reading to discover what PartyPoker has in store for you in this week.

The 2013 World Series of Poker is just a couple of months away and you could be jetting off to Las Vegas armed with a Main Event package or an Experience package thanks to PartyPoker. What is more, you could win one or both of these superb packages for no financial outlay whatsoever!

Every Sunday at 14:50ET until June 16 there will be a $700+$50 WSOP Satellite on PartyPoker that will award 1 in 20 players a $14,000 WSOP 2013 Package! Each of the Main Event package consists of:

  • $10,000 Main Event Buy-in
  • $2,000 Spending Money
  • Hotel accommodation in Las Vegas for 10 nights!

Also on Sundays, but at the slightly later time of 15:45ET, there will be a $275+$25 Las Vegas Experience satellite where one $5,000 package is guaranteed. The $5,000 package consists of:

  • $2,500 Side event buy-in
  • $1,650 Spending money
  • Hotel accommodation in Las Vegas for seven nights

If the main satellite is out of the constraints of your bankroll do not be disheartened because PartyPoker are running a plethora of qualifier tournaments that feed into them. These qualifier cost between $1 and $80 to enter, although there are a number of daily freerolls in the lobby too.

Take on the world and become poker's next superstar by qualifying for the 2013 WSOP with PartyPoker.

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Just Days Remain in the World Domination Promotion

There are just a couple of days remaining in the World Domination promotion and that means time is rapidly running out for you to conquer the world and win $100,000!

Since Feb. 1, PartyPoker players have been competing in the World Domination promotion where they have been receiving a city for every 10 PartyPoints they have earned.

Until February comes to a close, PartyPoker players will be awarded one of 64 cities for every 10 PartyPoints they earn. Each city carries with it a prize, including entries to freerolls with prize pools ranging from $1,000 to $10,000, and instant cash prizes of between $1 and $20. Furthermore, collect enough cities and you can build entire countries! Each country contains four cities. Find all four and you will win between $50 and $1,200. What would you spend $1,200 on?

Keep earning PartyPoints and collecting cities and you could complete an entire continent. Completing a continent opens the door to some massive cash prizes. Each continent is made up of four countries. Build a continent and the minimum you will be walking away with is a cool $1,000 but you can win up to $7,000! Should you manage to complete all four continents you will have managed to complete World Domination and your reward will be a breath-taking prize of $100,000!

PartyPoints are awarded at a rate of two per $1 paid in rake or tournament fees, so even the smallest-stakes player should be able to earn plenty of cities. Plus, PartyPoker will award you with your first city for just five PartyPoints. What are you waiting for? Start your quest for world domination today.

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Win a Cash Bonus Every Week When you Take the FastForward Challenge

Do you like your poker experience to be lightening fast? Do you want to sit down and be able to play hundreds of hands per hour? Do you hate having to wait for premium hands? Then FastFoward Poker could be just what you are looking for.

FastForward Poker allows players to play hundreds of hands per hour thanks to seating them in a player pool rather than one fixed table. Instead of having to wait for a new hand to be dealt, players can click the "Forward Fold" button, and be whisked from their seat and placed on a new table with new cards and different players.

Players will be able to play up to four FastForward tables at the same time, either in the same player pool or across multiple player pools. You'll be able to select the number of tables you want to sit at on the buy-in box when you try to sit in a pool. Doesn't that sound exciting? Well we are about to make it even more so.

The FastForward Challenge will see you awarded a poker bonus of between $5 and $100 just for playing FastForward poker. Earn just a single point on four days across the week and a $5 poker bonus will find its way to your account. Earn one point every day for seven days and this bonus increases to $10.

The maximum bonus this promotion yields is $100, awarded to anyone who earns 100 points per day for seven consecutive days. This may sound like a lot of points, but when you consider two points are awarded per $1 paid in rake, then it is a mere $50. What's more, FastForward poker plays so fast that you will be plowing through hands in such a rapid fashion that the points will just rack up.

Points Per DayFour days in a weekSeven days in a week
One point per day$5 poker bonus$10 poker bonus
Five points per day$15 poker bonus$20 poker bonus
25 points per day$35 poker bonus$40 poker bonus
50 points per day$45 poker bonus$50 poker bonus
100 points per day$75 poker bonus$100 poker bonus

As an added incentive to grind, PartyPoker will award you with an extra cash bonus if you qualify for a bonus for 12 weeks in a row.

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Free $50 Promotion Ends Soon, Take Advantage Today

Have you been reading this PartyPoker Weekly and wished you could be getting involved in all of the fantastic promotions that are currently on offer? Well, you could be doing so with a free $50, too! This special promotion will be ending soon so if you would like a free $50 bankroll you had better act fast!

  • Download the PartyPoker software through PokerNetwork
  • Create a new PartyPoker account and enter the bonus code "PNETWORK50"
  • Fill out the registration form in the PartyPoker cashier
  • Return to PokerNetwork and fill out our brief registration form
  • Check your email inbox for a confirmation email from free50@pokernews.com

Once you have received the confirmation email, $20 will be placed in your PartyPoker account. You must earn at least 40 PartyPoints before you will be able to withdraw the free $20. If you do not earn 40 PartyPoints within 60 days, the initial $20, or whatever remains of it, will be forfeited. PartyPoints are earned at a rate of two PartyPoints per $1 in rake or tournament fees, so earning 40 within 60 days is easy.

Once you have earned 40 PartyPoints, an additional $30 will be deposited into your account, bringing the total free cash to $50. You must then generate 160 points before you can cash out any of the $30 and must do so within 120 days, otherwise the $30 or the remainder of it will be forfeited.

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If you experience any problems with this or any of our promotions, please contact our Ticketed Promo Support System.

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