Phil Laak Smashes Poker Endurance World Record

Posted at 21:15 2010-06-08

Las Vegas isn’t exactly a sleepy little town – as anybody in this industry will tell you – and particularly at this time of year, when the action at the WSOP is in full swing. It’s no surprise that you keep hearing stories about people who enter a casino early in the evening and end up leaving at 12pm the next day (or sometimes even longer).

However, for Phil ‘The Unabomber’ Laak, he put his body (and his sanity) on the line, raising money for a good cause and in the process, shattered the Guinness World Record for the most consecutive hours of poker played.

Laak sat down to a $10/$20 ring game at the Bellagio last week and his goal was to break the previous record of 72 hours and two minutes, all in the name of raising funds for Camp Sunshine, a beachside retreat dedicated to families with children suffering from life-threatening illnesses.

Laak provided regular updates via his blog and Twitter page and recorded his every move via a live Internet stream. Along the way, Laak managed to fight back from an $11,200 deficit, moving himself back into the black at the 47-hour mark. After 59 hours, Laak even managed to squeeze an extra $1000 for Camp Sunshine out of a punter for doing 30 push-ups – not an easy thing to do when you’re sleep-deprived.

Eventually, the magic mark was reached, causing celebrations throughout the Bellagio poker room. Laak even got to enjoy a glass of champagne as he continued to play on. At the 90-hour mark, Laak’s medical team stopped by to check on him and incredibly, as Laak tweeted, his temperature, blood pressure and other vitals were normal (save the increased serotonin levels). Laak pressed on, but after precisely 115 hours, he finally called it a day.

Laak raised USD $6766 for Camp Sunshine, which is enough to sponsor four children and their families for a week-long stay at the resort, giving them a much-needed break from hospital treatments. As for the man himself, he’s resting up easy at the Bellagio, but we here at PokerNetwork congratulate him on his phenomenal achievement!

To donate to Camp Sunshine, or to read up on the full story of Laak’s world-record grind, log onto www.unabomberpoker.com/blog.

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Laak spent a lot of time in his hoodie on his way to 115 hours of grinding at the tables. Laak spent a lot of time in his hoodie on his way to 115 hours of grinding at the tables.

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