PKR.com Celebrate Their 4th Birthday

Posted at 17:28 2010-08-18

August 2007: Jamie Gold was in the midst of controversy fresh off his win at the World Series, and PKR was launching a brand new approach to online poker.

August 2010: Jamie Gold is still a controversial figure in the poker community and PKR has only seen success as it celebrates its fourth birthday!

PKR’s historical launch back in 2007 on August 17th was met with a bold promise to change the way online poker was played forever. The success of PKR over the past four years has certainly seen that promise as its famous 3D technology and first class community interaction has accumulated into some impressive statistics including over 3,750,000 registered PKR players, along with a high of 15,850 playing at once. Like many online sites, PKR isn’t afraid of throwing some spare change into freerolls – well spare change if your name is Phil Ivey – as they have given away over $2,925,000 in free cash!

All these numbers don’t mean too much to anyone in the know as most online sites nowadays will eventually creep up to similar figures. However, awards are something that don’t get thrown around to easily, and PKR has been fortunate enough to been awarded the Online Poker Operator of the Year 2009 at the International Gaming Awards, and also the Poker Operator of the Year 2009 from the eGaming Review Awards.

PKR’s progress up the figurative online poker hierarchy has been excelling at every step. From the launch of their own poker magazine, their own regular TV show and sponsorship of London’s first live poker venue, PKR has also fulfilled its community promise by introducing its bi-annual live poker event PKR LIVE and Team PKR Pro which features up and coming players from the site such as Kai Paulsen (over US$430,000 in live winnings), Adrien Allain (APT 2009 Champion) and Vladimir Geshkenbein (APPT 2009 High Rollers Champion and PKR 2009 Heads Up Gram Slam Champion).

“We’re very proud of our achievements to date. We came against a lot of pessimism for being so innovative when we launched, but our customers have shown that they enjoy playing in our true to life environment and really appreciate the community feel.”  PKR’s Marketing Director Simon Prodger declared in a press release.

So if you want to get that gamer feel and take advantage of the amazing 3D graphics, then download PKR and utilise the PokerNetwork 100% up to $800 deposit bonus. And whether you sit down in a cash game, or take part in one of the many different tournaments on offer, you will not be disappointed by what PKR has to offer you!

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PKR.com continues to provide the most realistic online poker experience! PKR.com continues to provide the most realistic online poker experience!

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