Play Golf and Poker at PokerStars EPT Vilamoura

Posted at 10:08 2010-08-04

If your golf game is as good as your poker skills, then you should strongly consider traveling to EPT Vilamoura. That’s because PokerStars is sponsoring a unique “Felts and Fairways” challenge at EPT Vilamoura where poker players compete on both the felt and the golf course.

“Felts and Fairways” will begin with players golfing on the Pinhal Course - one of Portugal’s most beautiful courses. Players will be randomly assigned to teams, and they will play in “Texas Scramble” format where each player’s score is tallied up at the end of the game. A player’s golf score will then determine how many chips they start with in the next day’s No-Limit Hold’em Freezeout tournament.

The buy-in for the “Felts and Fairways” challenge is €1,100, and it will be held on the last two days of the EPT Vilamoura Main Event (September 1-2). The “Felts and Fairways” event will be hosted by British Team PokerStars Pro J.P. Kelly who is extremely excited about attending this tournament.

Kelly told PokerStars, “I haven’t been playing golf that long but I’m already well and truly hooked.  Golf is a perfect antidote to the stresses of the poker table – it’s physical but also includes the kind of mental challenges that poker players relish.  Vilamoura is home to some of the best golf courses in the world – in fact, the entire resort was built around courses – so I am very excited at the prospect of playing there.  I’m even hoping to go out early with friends to get some practice in beforehand.”

Besides the “Felts and Fairways” challenge, the EPT Vilamoura Main Event will also be huge. Last year’s Vilamoura Main Event offered players over $1.5 million in prize money with Antonio Matias taking the largest share of the prize pool at $404,793. If you’re interested in playing for this huge prize pool in Portugal’s biggest poker tournament, you can qualify online now through satellites at PokerStars. The satellites will run until August 22nd so download PokerStars today and win your seat!

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Join the "Felts and Fairways" Challenge at EPT Vilamoura Join the "Felts and Fairways" Challenge at EPT Vilamoura

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