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In the early days of poker abroad and at home, AUD100,000 was considered a "big" win. On today’s multii million dollar boom our early champions Mel Judah, Marsha Waggoner, Gary Benson and Billy Argyros would have been well up the present day money ladder but alas this was not to be so.
The WSOP main event has risen from a pittance to a USD15,000,000 bonanza. The current money list is however a very creditable effort from Downunder players, most of whom are still to the forefront of a tournament challenge.
The players below are the big name Downunder players that the visiting top pro international and satellite winners will face up at the tables in the opening event 5 January 2008.
All events will be covered by the Pokernews.com live action reporting team (reporting the WSOP worldwide 2007) in association with Pokernetwork.com.
The results were taken from published sources November 2007 and may not be inclusive of latest results overseas.
World Money

Joe ‘Hash’ Hachem - Aus USD10.506 million
Mel ‘Silver Fox’ Judah – Aus USD3.011 million
Kirk ‘Captain’ Morrison - NZ USD2.881 million
Jeff ‘Ice Man’ Lisandro – Aus/ItUSD2.863 million
Antanas ‘TonyG’ Guoga – Aus USD2.190 million
Lee ‘Final Table’ Nelson – Aus USD2.041 million
Mark ‘Pokerbok’ Vos – Aus USD1.119 million
And soon to become millionaires in 2008.
Grant ‘Grunter’ Levy - Aus USD962K
Jamil ‘Real Deal’ Dia – NZ USD821K
Marsha Waggoner –Aus/USA USD801K
Emad ‘Boondy’ Tahtouh – Aus USD713K
Mike ‘Sticky Mickey’ Guttman USD711K
Gary ‘Bindy’ Benson USD553K
Billy ‘The Croc’ Argyros USD450K
Julius Coleman USD440K
Tino ‘Dice’ Lechich USD431K
Sammy ‘The Mouth’ Khouiss USD428K
Martin ‘The Doc’ Comer USD422K

These are all the leading ‘greats’ of Downunder Poker, supported by some veterans and Young Guns ready for a burst upwards
Julius Coleman USD398K
Jozef Berec USD374K
Van Marcus USD351K
George ‘Tasmaniac’ Mamacas USD333K
Leo ‘The Mechanic’ Boxell USD303K
Hei Le USD274K
Arul Thillai USD273K
Dory Zayneh USD255K
Sarah ‘Aussie Sarah’ Bilney USD232K
John Maver USD191K
Zhi Hong Ma USD120K
Of course any one of the unknown satellite winners could also win???
And then there are the online "sleepers" like The Yo who are the wild cards of the event. There may be another Grant Levy this year at the Crown Aussie Millions?

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