Poker Product Review: Modiano Platinum Poker Acetate Playing Cards

Posted at 13:24 2009-06-06
We continue our review of poker products on the market with our look at the Modiano Platinum Poker Acetate playing cards thanks to our friends at Pocket Aces Over Kings.
It is widely held that playing cards made of Acetate are of the highest quality available. Modiano have their own line of Acetate cards designed specifically for the game of poker.
Like other Modiano cards they have quite a thick feel to them. One of the big pluses about them is that they are not hard to control. Even newly opened playing cards will not slide around all over the place. The “breaking in” process can be a frustrating aspect of buying new cards.
Possibly because of the increased thickness they don’t snap back into place like Copag or KEM, however many at the PokerNetwork home game love the Modiano brand for the thickness. They are not a flimsy playing card, and so a lot of it comes down to personal preference.
Acetate cards do give that extra level of protection which means that generally they will last longer and are more durable than the regular plastic playing cards.
The Modiano Platinum Poker Acetate cards come in a sturdy plastic case, similar to other brands. One of the excellent things about the Acetate cards is that they come with two nice cut cards to help take your home game to the next level of professionalism (not that any amount of jazzy features could save the PokerNetwork home game from the pits of poker purgatory).
Like all Modiano cards they come in a red/blue design. At AU$46.00 they are a little more pricey then the average playing card, but the extra cost is made up in terms of longevity of the decks playing life, so they are worth the extra expense.
Fast Facts 
Brand: Modiano
Deck Background Colours: Blue and Red simple designs
Index: Jumbo
Material: 100% Plastic Acetate
Texture: Cardboard like
Flexibility: Slight creasing issues
Markability: Durable playing card.
Shuffle: Reasonable to shuffle, easy to break in.
Extras: Plastic case – perfect for storage and transport, Comes with two cut cards.
Buy Now: https://www.pocketacesoverkings.com/shop.php

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Modiano Platinum Poker Acetate Playing Cards Modiano Platinum Poker Acetate Playing Cards

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