Poker Product Review: ShuffleTech Shuffling Machine

Posted at 11:16 2009-06-19

Home games can be an exercise in tilt. They go fine until you get the guy at the table who can’t shuffle. At the PokerNetwork home game which is filled with ex-casino employees – I’m that person. So it would be understating it to say I was wrapped when a nice little gadget became available for me to test courtesy of Pocket Aces Over Kings. An automated card shuffler specifically designed for the home game market. These things have been around for a while, but never before have they been designed by a company specifically for poker home games, and by a company who specializes in the field. This is not your $12 shuffler from your local junk shop. This is the real deal, a casino quality shuffling machine that is priced to put it within the budgets of the home game market. The first thing you’ll notice about the ShuffleTech shuffling machine is that it is relatively light and fairly easy to transport. Probably the one bad thing about it is that it requires an external power source to run, it won’t run on batteries. The card shuffler does exactly what it says it does. It shuffles the cards, with options for both a three riffle or seven riffle shuffle, and I believe it does as good a job as your resident ex-casino dealer at your game. When the shuffle is complete, the ShuffleTech machine deposits cards either from the top of the machine, or using a toggle switch on the bottom you can switch your preference to receive the cards from a pull out compartment at the bottom of the shuffler. This is a great little option depending on preference. The three riffle shuffle takes about 40 seconds to complete. This shuffle really does a good job of mixing up the cards and would be ideal to use every hand without delaying the game. The seven riffle shuffle is something I would use once an orbit just to ensure the cards are well sorted. This option takes about 80 seconds to complete. I tested the unit with multiple decks of cards including poker, blackjack and bridge size cards. The one recommendation I would make to anyone considering purchasing the ShuffleTech machine is to ensure that they use at a minimum poker size cards. I found trouble with jamming when using the smaller narrower bridge index cards, but had little to no problem when running full poker size cards through the unit. Any of the poker index KEM, Copag, or Modiano cards will work fine through this machine. Some people may be frustrated with the fact that the machine jams. This is the nature of the beast. As those that play in casinos know even casino shufflers jam from time to time. I can tell you that if the ShuffleTech machine is operated as the user-friendly instruction manual recommends you will have very few problems with jamming. When things do go wrong with the machine it is simple to correct it. The machine will stop shuffling and notify you of the fact it is jammed. You simply open the shuffler, retrieve the partially shuffled deck, place it back into the shuffler and restart the shuffling process anew. Pocket Aces Over Kings has the option to have the ShuffleTech machine mounted into any poker table just like the shufflers you see in the casinos. The finished look of a flush mounted shuffler looks very professional. While not an absolute must-have for home games, this device takes a lot of pain out of waiting for the uncoordinated shuffler at the table, and elevates your home game to the next level. To check out the full range of professional custom designed Poker products including custom-built tables, chips, cards and more head over to Pocket Aces Over Kings.

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ShuffleTech Shuffling Maching ShuffleTech Shuffling Maching

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