Poker Strategy: Double Holdem Tips

Posted at 11:40 2010-11-26

With Rush Poker still one of the hottest trends in the online poker world, a new one – Double Holdem – is looking to sweep in and snatch the limelight!

Discussing strategy in poker is always a sour topic, as the majority of the time your thoughts, calculations and detailed analysis will be dismissed by more people than those that agree with it. However, here at PokerNetwork, we’ve never been afraid to speak our minds, and consequently decided to have a crack at detailing some basic tips on Double Holdem!

Quick Overview

Before we start the potential flame war, we better explain Double Holdem to those that have been locked up in their own world for the past few months.

Launching on Party Poker, Double Holdem is very similar to Crazy Pineapple. The betting rounds work just like a regular holdem game would, with the difference being in your hole cards. Being dealt three, you have to select one of those three cards to be the point card before any betting can begin, and can play with either of your other two hole cards to form two different combinations of starting hands. Whichever set of hole cards results in the best hand at showdown is the one you will use.

For example, if you are dealt {7s}{6d}{5c}, you may set the {6d} as the point card to give yourself two hands; {7s}{6d} and {6d}{5c}. If the board read something like {7s}{7h}{4c}{8d}{As} then you would have trip sevens with one hand, but choose to play the {6d}{5c} for a straight.

Some Basic Tips

The first thing that you will notice once you start playing Double Holdem is that it is predominately a lot looser than normal Holdem. With the appeal of the extra card, you wouldn’t really expect otherwise – especially at the micro and low stakes. Most players will speculate more preflop in Double Holdem as good drawing hands become increasingly more attractive as they tend to play much better in multi-way pots – similar to Omaha.

Being in limbo between Holdem and Omaha, it is understandable that many aspects of the game are a mix of the two.

The winning hands in Double Holdem tend to be stronger than in Holdem, but slightly less superior to that of Omaha. With top pair/strong kicker often being a winner in Holdem, in Double Holdem it won’t fare to well due to the wider range of possible hands courtesy of the three hole cards. Two pair regularly along with some odd straight combinations that appear out of nowhere are the norm where – especially at low stakes – it seems like everyone likes their hand!

Where Is My Hand Chart?

Like most games where premium pairs are still playable preflop, in Double Holdem, you must be cautious with them. Many times Aces and Kings will go unimproved, while small pairs aren’t going to have such a high win rate in comparison to the two-card cousin that is Holdem. Obviously these pairs aren’t completely useless as you can still set-mine with some success, but uncoordinated pairs are not going to be as strong as that same pair would be in Holdem.

To Point, Or Not To Point

It is very, very, very important that you choose your point card correctly!

In the example above, you want to make sure your {6d} is your point card so that you can have two sets of connectors. If you make the mistake of choosing the {7s} as your point card, you will be left with one set of connectors ({7s}{6d}) and a one-gapper ({7s}{5c}).

If you are dealt a pair – let’s say {Ad}{4c}{4s} – don’t forget to set one of the halves of the pair as the point; {Ad}{4c} as one hand, and {4c}{4s} as the other. If you make the mistake of making the {Ad} the point card – you will end up with two different suited A-4!

The only variation of this example is when the Ace is suited with one of the 4’s; such as {Ad}{4d}{4s}. Here you must make sure that again the {4d} is the point card – but not just any 4 – it has to be the suited one so you can make a nut-flush drawing {Ad}{4d}, and a set-mining {4d}{4s}.


It goes without saying that part of the skill involved in this game is understanding that a third hole card does not mean you have a better chance of winning. You still have to practice quality hand selection and be able to evaluate which card is the appropriate one to make the point card.

So if you want to give Double Holdem a shot, then make sure to download Party Poker today and take advantage of PokerNetwork’s 100% up to $500 First Deposit Bonus or FREE $50 Cash No Deposit Bonus!

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You can play Double Holdem at Party Poker You can play Double Holdem at Party Poker

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