Poker Strategy: Making The Big Laydown

Posted at 13:02 2009-02-11
In Texas Hold'em, there are always two sides to every poker player’s strategy.  To win lots of money on your good hands and to minimise your losses on your bad hands.  Many beginners often think that calling everything is part of their strategy since their lucky card has appeared a few times on the river and it has proven profitable in the past.  But any person’s luck is out of their control and proper strategy means that you have to know when you are behind and your second best hand is best folded, even when it is as strong as two pair, trips or even a straight or flush.
When the board is often reading like a flush or a straight and your opponent starts betting big, and you do not have too much invested into the pot, then hands like trips, two pair or top pair can be folded.  Good players often look out for who the good folders are so they know who they can extract the least money out of and to target the callers in the big hands.  Just remember to not become too weak when playing and to monitor whether a player might just be representing what is on the board.
Preflop play is where a lot of players need to work on their laydowns.  Even though the cards may be suited or connecting, playing from out of position is a major disadvantage in No Limit Texas Hold'em so unless you have high pocket pairs or an ace with a very strong kicker, it is often best to fold your hands and wait until you are in position.
Making a good laydown even if you have hit top pair is also integral in poker success.  The average winning hand is two pair, so often your top pair may not be enough to get all your chips in the middle.  Be very weary of hidden trips and also two pair whenever an opponent starts betting unusually big when the board does not read a straight or flush.
The river is where many of the biggest and best laydowns occur.  Stronger players can lay down their smaller straights or flushes when they sense that they only have the second best hand to possibly higher straights, flushes or hidden full houses.  Although a good laydown is good practice, if the pot is really big and to call is a small percentage of the pot then sometimes the correct play is to call as you will show a profit over the long term.
Making big laydowns is part of any winning poker player’s game.  Make sure it is part of yours.


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Poker Strategy: Making The Big Laydown Poker Strategy: Making The Big Laydown

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