Poker Versus The Real World

Posted at 11:24 2010-08-06

It’s the age old question…(well it’s five to six years old at least)…

It was around the time when a lot of us noticed the World Poker Tour on TV or some guy named Joe Hachem winning millions in the WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas, and thought to ourselves “Yeah I play 50c/$1 Manila home games, surely I could play poker for a living?

Well exactly how hard is it…?

How many of us have since tried and failed or are still aspiring to be “professional poker players”?

I mean, honestly, who wants to sit in peak hour traffic traveling to and from work, where you are dictated to by some moron whose only joy in life is to tell you that you spent five minutes too long on your lunch break so they are going to have to dock your pay…?

Wouldn’t we all love the freedom of waking up whenever we want to take money out of the hands of other unsuspecting and probably stupid people’s hands? It may not be noble but it certainly sounds easy…

Well then, how easy and enjoyable is it?

Just like any form of professional “anything” it requires a great deal of discipline to be successful. It also may require very long hours where at the end of the day you get zero results or, even worse, a negative finish to the day. It also may make you extremely frustrated and angry, when the very people you rely on for your income make shocking errors and somehow still manage to profit. And for all the guys (or possibly girls) out there, most poker players don’t make ideal relationship material either.

Are we having “fun” yet…??

Of course, you could also sit down and chase a pot of gold in a multi-table tournament in a casino or online and win $100k+ in a matter of days and we know there aren’t many offices you can do that in.

I think I have a solution to make things more exciting at workplaces for any failed poker players.

Obviously at most workplaces there are going to be a wide range of different pay rates, which we can rank from Grade 1 being the lowest to say Grade 10 being the highest for management types. Imagine if every week your pay cheque could be anywhere from $400 to $3,000 depending on pure “luck”. You wait for your pay cheque not really knowing if you can pay the bills that week. I’m telling you, getting your pay slip would soon become very exciting!

“Here’s your pay cheque Moose…”

“For fuck’s sake, not the Grade 1 pay again! I’m completely screwed, if I had a girlfriend, she’d kill me!”

If I had my way, you may one day find yourself sitting in your car on your way to work thinking, “ I’m really going to need some fucking work ‘run good’ today or I can’t pay my rent!”

Now the lines between the real world and poker world are really starting to become blurry!

- Jake “The Moose”

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Poker Versus The Real World Poker Versus The Real World

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