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Posted at 14:08 2011-04-19

The Poker770 GIANT is one of the biggest promotions we’ve ever launched, and culminates in a massive $30,000 guaranteed tournament with satellites scheduled in Aussie-friendly time zones.

This is GIANT…

We’ve teamed up with Poker770 to bring you one of the biggest tournaments that we’ve ever offered to our players. It’s so big, it’s GIANT!

The Poker770 GIANT is a $2+0.20 tournament which will be held on July 16th at 5am AEST. Normally a small buy-in tournament like that wouldn’t create much excitement, but the Poker770 GIANT is a rebuy tournament with a massive $30,000 prize pool guarantee!

This tournament will offer one of the biggest overlays of the year!

GIANT Tournament, GIANT Overlay

For this $30,000 tournament to meet the guarantee, it will need to get 15,000 rebuys. However, the maximum number of rebuys per player is 10 plus 1 add-on, so it would need well over 1,300 players to even come close. When you consider that this tournament is only on Poker770, not the rest of the iPoker network, it looks even more likely that it will miss the guarantee.

Poker770 Qualify for Free

The best thing about the Poker770 GIANT promotion is that you can win your seat in through a series of freeroll and micro-stakes qualifiers starting on April 15th. They run daily at various times, with two each week specifically tailored for Australian players.

Freeroll Satellites
Daily at 10pm AEST (10 seat guaranteed); Min 10 players to start.

Freeroll for Australia Satellites
Tuesday and Saturday at 7:00pm AEST (10 seats guaranteed); Min 10 players to start.

Cash Satellites
$.10+$.01, Daily at 3am AEST (1 seat per every 20 players)

Poker770 GIANT $30,000 Guaranteed
$2+$0.20 Rebuy, July 16th 3am AEST

This tournament is open to everyone regardless of where they signed up to Poker770. But, If you do download Poker770 through PokerNetwork you will be eligible for all future exclusive promotions, of which there have been many over the last few years.

We've done our best to secure you Aussie-friendly freeroll satellites so we need your support! Remember that there needs to be a minimum of ten players for the satellites to run, but there are 10 seats guaranteed every satellite! So make sure you join in this GIANT promotion at Aussie-friendly times and grab a share of the massive $30,000 prize pool up for grabs.

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Qualify for the Poker770 GIANT $30,000 Guaranteed tournament for FREE tonight at 9pm AEST Qualify for the Poker770 GIANT $30,000 Guaranteed tournament for FREE tonight at 9pm AEST

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