Posted at 09:00 2007-11-19 I am pleased to announce that effective immediately and in association with our principal Pokernews Limited, there is to be a major and complete upgrade of the PNW software and format from Cold Fusion.
As this involves significant phased transfer of all historical data and records it will extend into the year 2008. When completed, this will bring Pokernetwork into line with other international Poker forums and maintain our position as the premier Australasian web site.
Pokernetwork will remain a platform for player interaction and for the promotion of Down Under off line Casinos, Pub and Club Poker and the online sites world wide. Starting with the Crown Aussie Millions in January 2008 it will be a land mark year for Pokernetwork.
As a result of this I have been asked to return to the PNW web site and assume my former role. I have accepted and look forward to the Poker action and interface with old and new friends once more.
No doubt PNW fans, Bugsy and Tam, will still bring hot Milo to my desk in the early hours?

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