PokerNetwork Rail Call: Aussies Deep in the SCOOP Main Events

Posted at 22:32 2010-05-17

It was a week of huge SCOOP results, but Ben “Delaney_Kid” Delaney is on the verge of crushing them all into submission. He is still on track to pull off the stunning achievement of two SCOOP Main Event final tables.

Terrence Chan’s epic two SCOOP watch effort of last year is in danger of falling to the talented Australian online poker star. Delaney is sixth in chips in the $10,300 buyin high stakes main event and ninth in $1,050 medium stakes main event.

Delaney must be loving the sizeable Aussie rail, but isn’t able to interact with his loyal fans due to being under a chat ban at the moment. It’s certainly one way of dodging final chop talks!

To make it an even better day for Aussie online poker fans, another Australian Octavian “888_OCTV” Voegele from Adelaide is still kicking in the medium stakes SCOOP main event. The thought of two Australians final tabling the same major online tournament series main event is something that a year ago may have seemed absurd, but now could very well come to fruition.

The medium stakes tournament has 24 players left with $3,675,000 in the prizepool. Players are currently guaranteed $9,371, and first place will take home $576,975 and a SCOOP watch. Delaney stands to pick up at least $36,900 of the $6,150,000 in the high stakes SCOOP main event prizepool. He could take down $1,162,350 (one of the biggest prizes ever awarded in an online tournament) for a win.

In any case you can be there on the rail to follow all the action on PokerStars when the tournaments resume at 7:00am AEST. Both Delaney and Voegele will be taking the felt for their country and there will be plenty of Aussies in the shoutbox and the support threads (here and here) on PokerNetwork.

Get over to Stars today to cheer on our epic Aussie achievements!


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Ben Delaney and Octavian Voegele are still shooting for SCOOP Main Event glory with three tables left Ben Delaney and Octavian Voegele are still shooting for SCOOP Main Event glory with three tables left

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