PokerNetworker "Jaggy42" Final Tables PokerStars Sunday $4 Million!

Posted at 23:52 2010-02-22

Sunday, bloody Sunday for some, but a magic Monday to remember for one guy from Adelaide as “Jaggy42” would be the deepest running Australian in the special edition $4 million fourth anniversary Sunday Million at PokerStars.

The final few tables resembled a poker cup of nations as eager railbirds clamoured to support their own nationals, with chants of “Go Germany”, and “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie”, as common in the chatbox as a crowd at a World Cup football match.

After seemingly biding his time playing rock tight, the short-stacked Jaggy42 exploded with 15 left to launch his run onto the final table. From there he got horribly short again, eventually submitting in seventh place.

The final hand would see him ship in with {ks}{jc} and run into {As}{kc} in the big blind. He failed to ship the suckout on the {Qh}{4h}{9d}{kh}{5c} board, to go out in seventh place for a score of $57,870.

It was raining money today as big game frenzy took hold across the two biggest sites online. PokerStars special $4 million guarantee went head to head with Full Tilt Poker’s $2.5 million guarantee FTOPS XV Main Event. There was also a slate of undercard events across all of the sites to wet the appetite of even the most feverish autobot grinder.

Aussies grabbed their share of the cash with another South Australian James “Andy_McLEOD” Obst taking down $56,694 for a win in Titan Poker’s flagship event the $250k guaranteed. Obst crushed $70,000 in prize money on the weekend alone.

Also on the victory trail was Sal “ugritaly” Fazzino. He continued his super hot run of form in recent months with another victory. Fazzino put on a clinic as he shipped the $109 Turbo on PokerStars for $17,921.

It would be fitting that the Aussie scores on the weekend were opened by another Adelaide resident as Jonathan “xMONSTERxDONGx” Karamalikis got in early. He won the $109 single rebuy on Saturday for $19,209 starting off what would be a huge weekend for the Aussie game. Other Aussies to score the cookies during a big Monday morning included Matthew “onmyVplates” Pearson, Trung “dynastyzz” Tran, Rob Reemus and Stewart Scott who reached the final table of the Ultimate Bet major today.

All in all, another great weekend for the Aussie online game. Until next week you would be well advised to find some Farmer’s Union Iced Coffee (the breakfast of champions in South Australia).

PokerStars Fourth Anniversary Special Sunday Million
Buy-in: $200 + $15
Prize Pool: $7,233,800
Entrants: 36,169

1. RichieRichZH - $1,141,510.31
1. RichieRichZH - $1,141,510.31
2. lankeshwar - $754,774.69
3. petinvest7 - $506,366.00
4. lirarerik - $282,118.20
5. WNYCEC - $151,909.80
6. DerHenker666 - $86,805.60
7. Jaggy42 - $57,870.40 (Adelaide)
8. highplaya - $43,402.80
9. Amoneymagnet - $28,935.20


PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up
Buy-in: $200 + $15
Prize Pool: $1,068,000
Entrants: 5,341

1. homanger - $167,100.92
2. APerfectGent - $124,445.30
3. cumicon - $88,126.50
4. ANIMAL5050 - $60,353.30
5. bigbear17 - $45,398.50
6. Skryll - $34,716.50
7. Intervention - $24,034.50
8. alexuuus - $13,352.50
9. polpolpol - $8,545.60


Full Tilt Poker FTOPS Event 25: $240+$16 Knockout
Buy-in: $240 + $16
Prize Pool: $1,019,000
Entrants: 5,098

1. BigMich08 - $194,763.99
2. Ozzy 87 - $119,293.20
3. MrJackOFFman - $82,791.52
4. Tannina80 - $61,176
5. kleath - $44,862.40
6. E Tyme - $30,588
7. why_yu - $19,678.20
8. MuckItOrSuckIt - $19,678.20
9. Cupidotou - $12,948.92

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FTOPS, PokerStars $4mil and more on a huge Monday! FTOPS, PokerStars $4mil and more on a huge Monday!