PokerNews Cup Championships Day 6 - Tim Heath Leads Main Event Flight 1a

Posted at 19:20 2008-10-18
Day 6 of the PokerNews Cup Championships got underway with 171 players hitting the floor of the Crown Poker Room for Day 1a of the Main Event. Some of the notable players in the field included 2005 World Champion Joe Hachem and its brother Tony Hachem, Emad Tahtouh, Kent Hunter, Grant Levy, Michael Pedley, Billy “The Croc” Argyros, Mitchell Carle, Paul Taylor, Julian Powell, James Potter, Sam Youssef, Leo Boxell, Bryan Huang, Kent Hunter and Roy Vandersluis.
The field also featured several players who had won previous PokerNews Cup events – Harry Ligos (Event #1), Jamie Pickering (Event #3), Abel Cabrera (Event #4) and Kenneth Damm (Event #5). Ken Eastwood, winner of the PNC Morning Series, was also part of the Day 1a action.
While many players bit the dust, the likes of Levy, Broom, Cabrera, Tahtouh, Huntly, Honeybone, Powell, Potter, Korman, Seal and Comer all made it through the day, as 47 survivors will be back on Sunday for Day 2 action.

At the end of the day, the top ten chip counts were as follows:
Tim Heath – 175,700
Jarrad Dale – 157,300
Roger Palazzo – 136,700
Lisa Walsh – 136,000
Peter Kaltzidis – 127,000
Harry Ligos – 126,100
Andre Villandberg – 125,900
Bill Jordanou – 119,500
Billy 'The Croc' Argyros – 114,100
David Saab – 106,500
Nauvneel Kashyap – 104,600
Tomorrow we expect a bigger turnout with a projected total number of entrants in excess of the 400 mark. All the action kicks off at 12:10pm local time so check out the live coverage from the PokerNews website at www.pokernews.com under the Live Reporting tab at the top of the screen.

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PokerNews Cup Main Event PokerNews Cup Main Event

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