PokerNews Cup Championships Day 8 - David Gorr Leads Final Table!

Posted at 14:56 2008-10-20
Day 2 of the 2008 PokerNews Cup Main Event saw 123 combatants come together in the Crown Poker Room for the first time to battle it out for a final table berth.
Sam Sayed, Tim Heath and PokerNews Cup defending champion Dory Zayneh were amongst the chip leaders entering Day 2, but it didn’t take long for the chips to fly with plenty of big pots up for grabs.
Grant Levy was prominent early after landing the nut flush against Ben Delaney’s nut straight to catapult himself to amongst the chip leaders. He followed that up by eliminating both Kasper Nielsen and James Honeybone in the same hand after hitting a running flush.
There were plenty of big names still alive as the field thinned but Jarrad Dale (36th), Abel Cabrera (34th), James Potter (29th), Tino Lechich (22nd), Ali Khalil (18th) and Billy “The Croc” Argyros (17th) all fell late in the day after reaching the money stage of the tournament.
One of the key pots of the tournament came late in the evening when big stacks Harris Pavlou and Ray Sukkar collided in a huge preflop confrontation. Pavlou had looked dangerous behind his big stack but when he ran his {Qc}{Qd} into Sukkar’s {Kc}{Kd} on a board of {5h}{7h}{6h}{9h}{Tc} he was left exiting the tournament in 14th place as Sukkar flew out to nearly 2 million in chips – more than double his nearest rival!
After Sam Sayed busted in 12th place, David Saab was crippled before fighting back only to be eliminated in 11th place after his {As}{8c} fell to Nali Kaselias’ {Ks}{Qh} when the board fell {Ad}{Kh}{Qc}{2d}{7h}.
With that elimination the unofficial final table was set but one more elimination was required before the day was done. It didn’t take long for Peter Kaltzidis to become our final table bubble after he ran his {Ah}{Kh} into Kaselias’ {Kd}{Ks}.  The board bricked out and our at around 4 a.m. local time our final table was set!
After David Gorr captured a late double up through Ray Sukkar, he would take the chip lead into tomorrow’s final table. Here is the lineup:
Seat 1: Tim Heath - 566,000
Seat 2: David Gorr - 1,616,000
Seat 3: James Broom - 551,000
Seat 4: David Lee - 503,000
Seat 5: Nali Kaselias - 1,530,000
Seat 6: Grant Levy - 574,000
Seat 7: Kenneth Damm - 384,000
Seat 8: Martin Comer - 1,333,000
Seat 9: Ray Sukkar - 1,152,000
The final table action kicks off at 2:00pm local time as the final nine will play for the trophy and the first place prize of $250,000. Check out the hand-for-hand live coverage from the PokerNews website at www.pokernews.com under the Live Reporting tab at the top of the screen.

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David Gorr Leads PokerNews Cup Final Table David Gorr Leads PokerNews Cup Final Table

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