PokerNews Cup Main Event - Sam Khouiss Leads

Posted at 00:43 2009-10-03
Today was the opening flight of the 2009 PokerNews Cup Main Event with 171 players forking up the $2,200 cash for a shot at the estimated $250,000 first place prize and their place in Australian poker history. Incredibly this number of entrants was the exact same as last year’s opening flight, however this year players have the opportunity to repechage back into the tournament, so it will interesting to see how this affects the overall numbers.
The field was full of Australia’s finest poker talents including the likes of Daniel Neilson, Steve Topakas, Jai Kemp, Andrew Jeffreys, Gary Benson, Stewart Scott, Chris Chronis, Dennis Huntly, Michael Pedley, Dave Lee, Damien Elsing, Michael Guzzardi, Ben Savage, Raj Ramakrishnan, Peter Aristidou, Dean Nyberg, Sam Khouiss, Karl Krautschneider, Rayan Nathan, Grant Levy and Kristian Lunardi and 2008 PokerNews Cup runner up Kenneth Damm.
At the end of the day 49 players were remaining with Australian poker stalwart Sam Khouiss emerging as the overnight chip leader with 144,900 chips. He surged to the chip lead late in the day when his {Js}{Jc} held on a flop of {8d}{3d}{5h} against an opponent with {Ad}{8h}. With the chips in the middle, the hand was a sick rollercoaster as the {Ac} spiked on the turn before the {Jd} hit the river to give Khouiss a set and the massive pot. In typically-abrupt Khouiss fashion he simply commented, “About time the best hand won,” as he claimed the tournament chip lead.
Others to enjoy a good day on the felt were Team PokerStars Australia Pro Grant Levy (133,100) who recovered from being on a short stack earlier in the day, Sydney Champs Main Event winner Jarred Graham (121,100), 2009 Victorian Champs Main Event winner Albert Amato (103,500) and the red hot Andrew Jeffreys (68,000).
Top Ten Chip Counts:
Sam Khouiss - 144,900
Trevor Henry - 135,500
Grant Levy - 133,100
Michael Pedley - 124,000
Ali Ghezelbash - 122,000
Jarred 'FlopNutsOnYou' Graham - 121,100
Albert Amato - 103,500
Jason Brown - 103,000
Robert Wang - 98,000
Ben Savage - 93,000
Those who will have to contemplate buying back in for the repechage tomorrow or watching from the sidelines include Michael Guzzardi, Tony Dunst, Dennis Huntly, Tino Lechich, Kristian Lunardi, Gary Benson, Dean Nyberg, Jonathan Karamalikis, Stewart Scott, Peter Aristidou, Raj Ramakrishnan, Stephen Topakas and 2008 PokerNews Cup champion Nali 'Iraqi Nick' Kaselias.
Those eliminated will have the option to repechage back into the tournament tomorrow for flight 1b as the action kicks off once again from 12:10pm local time. Stay tuned to PokerNews.com for all of your live updates from the Crown Poker Room in Melbourne!


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Sam Khouiss Leads PokerNews Cup Main Event Day 1a Sam Khouiss Leads PokerNews Cup Main Event Day 1a

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