Posted at 09:00 2007-11-28 I SHALL RETURN
Jonno has asked me to announce his resignation from Pokernetwork/Pokernews and his return to the Crown Poker room floor as the Director of Tournament Operations.
Jonno left a prominent career with Crown 12 months ago to assume an appointment with Pokernews managing the International Tournament Reporting, bringing to Pokernetwork and our readers the top class and spectacular audio/video live action for the WSOP, the Crown tournaments and PNS Cup.
I think it is fair to say that whilst he came to PNS as an outstanding performer, his stay with us has given him a new perspective on international poker and he will be all the better for that exposure. Crown Poker room, the players and ourselves will see a bigger and better Jonno.
Jonno will be leaving us in a day or so and moving direct to his new appointment at Crown. He will join his former associates Daniel, the Jones boys, Sally and Harry, the Crown Dealers and the new boss Peter Mim. He will be working closely with both PNW, Bluff and PNS in the presentation of the 2008 Crown Aussie Millions which is shaping up to be the biggest and best yet.
The new Pokernetwork update, to support our 2008 activities, is coming along well and will ultimately require some half dozen new staff to keep it going. It will be a brilliant production. At this stage I will again fade away back to “God’s waiting room”, providing Bugsy doesn’t get me first.
Jonno during his stay at Pokernews has been a big help to me personally. Welcome back to Crown old mate but at the same time we are all sorry to see you go.
Here’s to the best Aussie Millions ever in 2008. The early runs of entrants provide some spectacular players from Full Tilt, Pokernews and Pokerstars as well as our own Aussie and Kiwi stars who are now well known internationally.

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