PokerNews Magazine Goes Digital!

Posted at 16:55 2010-04-25

That’s right, you can now access the PokerNews Australia, Asia and Pacific magazine via the Internet and enjoy all the exciting content at your leisure on your own computer screen!

Viewing the PokerNews magazine online is simple. Head to http://www.pokernews-digital.com and you’ll see the latest version of the magazine load. Then simply use the navigation tools on the left and above to flip through the magazine, zoom in to read specific content, and link through to all your favourite sites.

All PokerNetwork members (and ex Bluff members) will receive FREE access to the digital March/April 2010 and May/June 2010 editions. So if you’re not already a member make sure you sign up to gain access. Becoming a member is free and provides you with exclusive access to various areas of www.pokernetwork.com.

In future editions the digital version will include interactive content, audio and video. We hope you support and enjoy the flexibility this version of the magazine brings.

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More benefits for PokerNetwork members! More benefits for PokerNetwork members!

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