PokerNews Sports Legend Challenge! Here Are Just Five Of The Many Reasons Why You Need To Be There!

Posted at 20:17 2009-08-14
We all dream of sitting down to play the World Series of Poker Main Event and brushing shoulders with or even playing against the superstars of the game. Imagine being able to not only do that, but also learn pretty much all they know about poker to take them on in a cash game. To use the knowledge they have given you against them and remind them of how severely you outplayed them whilst knocking down a cocktail afterwards! Sounds pretty cool huh? Now on top of that add two dozen of the biggest sporting superstars to walk the Earth and put them in the cash game against you. Then since you are all together you may as well go from there down to the golf course and play a golf tournament against these guys then play a televised no-limit hold’em tournament? How about we just do the whole thing in the Bahamas? Could you honestly think of a better week than this? To be perfectly honest if when I go to heaven, if it isn’t exactly this, I am asking for my money back!
Well here is the crazy part, you don’t need to go and see the man upstairs to be a part of all of this, it is actually happening here on Earth...in the Bahamas baby! The first-ever PokerNews Sports Legends Challenge will unfold at the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort in the Bahamas from September 14-17. Twenty-five of the game’s best players including true champions such as Annie Duke, Johnny Chan, Layne Flack, Gavin Smith, Men “The Master” Nguyen, Cyndy Violette, Kenna James, Antonio Esfandiari, Jamie Gold, and Mike Sexton are scheduled to kick it Caribbean style along with NFL supremos Troy Aikman, Emmit Smith, and Hershel Walker, Los Angeles Lakers legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, skateboarding guru Tony Hawk, and golf master Rocco Mediate.
If for some reason you are not currently desperately scrolling down to the bottom of this article to see how you can be a part of it, well then you astound me. But just in case you do need other reasons as to why you need to go, I am pretty sure that this top five list should seal the deal for you.
5. You might actually learn something
Ever thought about going onto a poker training camp but it just seemed a little too academic and boring for you? Well why not try it in a relaxed format at the Bahamas? The first three days of the Sports Legends Challenge are solely dedicated to some of the greatest poker pros on the planet offering you, the SLC participant, training sessions several times a day. Happy with your poker knowledge but tired of losing all of your profits whilst sports betting?  Top professional handicappers will be offering a workshop on sports betting techniques and you can test your mettle at the Atlantis’ Pegasus Race & Sports Book.
4. Play both cash games and sit ‘n goes with poker pros and world-class athletes
At the Sports Legends Challenge you’ll have more than enough time to sit down with both the poker pros and the pro athletes in a casual relaxed format around a poker table.  No-limit hold’em SNGs and both poker and blackjack cash games will run throughout the SLC, giving participants the opportunity to interact with the pros in a small group setting. Who knows, the trip might have even paid for itself by the end of it.
3. Learn, Play… and Party with the Pros
Never been picked in a good team? Well as an SLC participant you will be “drafted” onto a team that includes a minimum of one athlete and one poker pro, so how bad can the team be? The interactive part comes when you all sit down together as a team and strategize throughout the week when it comes to how you’ll approach the series of no-limit hold’em tournaments offered during the SLC.  Once you are finished your hard slog at the table you will all be able to relax together as a team in a social setting at one of the nightly parties. Social events already planned include an NFL tailgating party, a “Cocktails & Cigars” event, and individual team gatherings.
2. You might get to be on TV
Should you go deep in the main poker tournament of the week, the top finishing players will all get paired up with one professional athlete and one poker pro “coach” to play in a tag-team, $1,000,000 winner-take-all finale that will be televised nationally on Fox Sports.
1. The Bahamas has a lot to offer
Hello? The Bahamas! I can’t believe I even need to write this part. What a place! The sun, the sand, the beautiful Caribbean women (for the single men only of course)! A Sports Legends Challenge package includes round-trip airfare and five nights of accommodations at the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort. Not only will you be in some sort of idyllic dream land with all the poker and casino gambling and golf that your heart desires right at your feet but it’s also a perfect destination for a family vacation. While you’re chilling with Sugar Ray Leonard or check-raising Gavin Smith, the rest of the family can swim in one of the spectacularly landscaped pools, ride the water slides, hit the beach, or check out the Dolphin Cay.
Probably the best point to consider (a point so good that we haven’t even given it a number) is that organising your ticket to the Bahamas can be amazingly cheap! Head over to Absolute Poker, where there are a plethora of satellite pathways to your Sports Legends Challenge package. Try the STEP tournaments, starting from as little as $0.10, the daily qualifiers for 500 Absolute Points, or the $215 super satellites running every Wednesday.
If you are a lover of all things sport, poker and gaming related, this is truly an event not to be missed!

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PokerNews Sports Legends Challenge PokerNews Sports Legends Challenge

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