PokerPro Terminated at Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series

Posted at 18:11 2009-03-13
Day 5 of the second annual Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series  offered two different events for the budget-conscious player to enjoy. The day kicked off with Event #5: $165 PokerPro No Limit Hold’em at 12:10pm which was to be capped at a total of 90 players. However players didn’t have to worry about missing out on registration as only 74 seats were sold in what could be described as a disappointing result for such a budget event.
The notables in the field included Brian Hull, Rob Huxley, George Cotaidis, Trung Tran, Oliver Gill and Dom Italiano. The players were set for plenty of game time thanks to the 100,000 start banks and 20 minute levels.
While the small turnout indicated player’s preference for real chips over the virtual felt, the PokerPro machines didn’t encourage those who had forked out the $165 to participate. There were a range of problems with the technology ranging from race-offs that failed to actually race-off any chips (and something that seems totally unnecessary in a virtual setting anyway) to table-breaking confusion. TD’s were forced to pause the clock and manually re-seat players on a number of occasions which forced some players to lose antes and blinds in crucial situations as they were unable to login into the machines after being broken.
Trung Tran was eliminated with two tables to go after his overpair ran into an opponent’s set in a massive 2 million chip pot, while Brian Hull was set for his third final table of the series before busting on the bubble.
Incredibly, or perhaps sensibly, the decision was made to move the final table from the PokerPro machines over to the real felt, with a hefty 7.4 million in chips brought to the final table. It was Ryan Matthews who emerged victorious to capture the trophy and $3,108 in prize money.

Ryan Matthews
David Brownlee
Greg Linke
Christopher Lomann
Jacob Chen
Christopher Simons
Thomas Glassco
Fotios Poulos

Following the tournament there were whispers that this may indeed be the last ever PokerPro tournament that Crown will hold with the future of the virtual machines apparently in some doubt.
Meanwhile at 7:10pm, 256 players hit the felt for Event #6: $340 No Limit Hold’em Terminator. A healthy field was reduced to 17 players before it was decided to call it an evening and return at 6pm on Friday to conclude the tournament. Cash results had already been collected by Phil Wilcocks (26th), Michael Palti (21st), Peter Mobbs (20th) and Karl Krautschneider (19th), however the story was once again with the name behind the series, our 2005 World Champion Joe Hachem. Although one of the short stacks, Hachem is still alive in the field and miles in front in terms of bounty collects with eleven terminator bounty buttons.
Here’s how they will line up for the conclusion tomorrow:
Table 1
Mark Bradley - 112,000
Peng Khoo - 234,000
Koun Chhoy - 151,000
Mark Blechman - 159,000
Joe Hachem - 93,000
Cihan Demirel - 152,000
Ziad Katebian - 166,000
Nigel Jocotine - 249,000
Chris Barratt - 54,000
Table 2
James Spiteri - 228,000
Tod Thomson - 181,000
Matthew Long - 189,000
Terry Poutakidis - 189,000
Raymond Reubenight - 35,000
Archie David - 83,000
David Munday - 105,000
Empty Seat
Benjamin Savage - 181,000
Also tomorrow will bring another healthy field for the first flight of Event #7:$340 No Limit Hold’em Two Day Event. Stay locked into PokerNetwork for full details!


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Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series Day 5 Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series Day 5

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